Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Leaving On A Jetplane

Look Of The Day [November 29/08] 1

When I recently DJd for the re-opening of the Avatrait Gallery, I wanted to wear something classy, but not too formal, edgy and unique, but still tasteful. I tried to remember what new things I had that would fit the bill, and discovered this great Jetset dress in Tokyo from :bijou:. It includes two skirt versions, system and prim, bur I threw the folder on so fast I got both, and decided I really liked the way they looked together. This dress really re-minds me of a black silk dress I wore to s special event when I was about 17 years old, to this day I refuse to allow my mother to give it away, almost 20 years later, it is still a favorite, even though it no longer fits. The dress has a great system layer belt, with accentuates the waist, and adds interest, but also gave me the cute to go with brown and gold accessories. I really love the big flared bell sleeves too.

Look Of The Day [November 29/08] 3

I kept with the winter season look by adding a pair of **Battered Boudoir** hose, I love the different colours and options in Eloria LeShelle's hosiery. Any Canadian woman would never go out in the winter without hose or tights under a dress, so I naturally work it in-world too. The shoe solution that seems to be endlessly wearable are the Maitreya ChiChi Pumps in Black, with the colour change rims, here I chose gold. I pulled in a big clutch from *Muism* to add a little glam to the look. I went with wooden and brown accessories, and normally would not put black and brown together, but I think it really works here. The Polished Wood Hoop Earrings are one of Paper Couture's newest releases, they are really nice looking. I love this Luc Jewelry Ganesha Necklace , but I am enchanted by Hinduism in general, and the length was perfect with the neckline of the dress. My ring is from Caroline's Jewelry.

Look Of The Day [November 29/08] 2

Diving into my hair folder, I wanted and edgy short style, and settled on the ETD Aveda Short Crop 2 in Silver. The skin is from Celestial Studios, another favorite make-up, and I always come back to my Celestial Charmed Line Skins whenever I want to look like myself again. Lashes are from [Detour], with eyes from Freak Fantasia.

This is definitely a jet set look, and one that can work in semi-formal situation. It stands out without be too glitzy, and most importantly, made me feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. It's really interesting to re-discover my wardrobe, including the many hundreds of things I have never worn before.

Shopping Details:
Dress - :bijou:, Jetset [Tokyo]
Stockings - **Battered Boudoir**, Boudoir Legs - Delicate (Black)
Bag - *Muism*, Clutch (Gold Shined)
Shoes - Maitreya, ChiChi Pumps - Black
Earrings - Paper Couture, P.C., Polished Wood Hoop Earrings
Necklace - -EARTHTONES- (Now Luc Jewelry), Ganesha Dual Necklace (Gold)
Ring - (Caroline's), Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Hair - ETD, Aveda, Short Crop 2 Ad-Silver
Skin - (CS), Charmed Line (Tone 20, Earth-3)
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes - Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green Eyes

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Belochka Shostakovich said...

That's a lovely casual but sophisticated look, and I want to say thank you for a previous mention of the Gimcrack Ring. I bought one the other day and it's a great accessory. :)