Monday, December 8, 2008

Hazy Shade Of Winter

Look Of The Day [Nov.18/08] 1

On cold winter days, I love to layer up and head out of doors before I get cabin fever. While I was winterizing the Retrology SIM, this was the outfit I threw together, starting with this adorable and cozy short parka from **DP yumyum**. Called simply the Hood Jacket, I choose this amazing Gray version because it was such a soft and warm looking option. The soft fluffy marabou trim on the hood and edge is really luxurious and photographs beautifully, something that can be difficult with transparent textures. I didn't realize till just this moment that my arms is through the jacket in the first pose, but I have been under the weather, so I have an excuse for such a bonehead mistake. Speaking of bone, the amazing horn/bone closures on the jacket are so well done and textured. There is so much detail here, and none of it superfluous or wasted. I needed a simple layer under the jacket, so I wore one of my own Key Hole Thermal tops from Hang The DJ!. Yes I made it, and I love it, and I usually don't blog my own stuff, but I have had a heck of a time finding basic thermals that come with a tucked options instead of jacket only, and I make all my stuff on all layers, so it worked here. Still on my shopping diet, I went with what I had. Dark Rinse Jeans from Tres Blah! literally sit at the top of my jeans folder which is sorted alphabetically, so they get worn a lot, but since they are such a brilliant hand-painted jean, I am happy to know what I can grab up fast.

Look Of The Day [Nov.18/08] 3

I added in some very simply accessories in this look, starting with a basic pair of must-have Stud Earrings from Sian Birke Jewelry. It may seem like a no-brainer, but I have been looking for basic studs for almost 18 months, and this pair is completely scripted to change gem and metal colours, which makes them indispensable. Wearing my engagement ring from (Caroline's), one of my favorite things, just makes me feel warm inside. The Tote bag was a great find at [Sweetest Good-bye*], I love basic casual bags with little kitsch details, and this was an inexpensive and really workable piece. Last but certainly not least, these awesome Heather Boots in Black from ETD Shoes. You have to grab up at least one pair before Elika's sale ends towards the end of the month, they were just $30Lalas, and they come in a short and longer boot option. The just look so soft and cozy, and work perfectly here.

Look Of The Day [Nov.18/08] 2

Speaking of favorites, probably my favorite short style in all of the two years I have been in-world is the ..Marlys.. Slim Pixie wig, here in the Licorice colour. It just really love how the angle of my jaw are complimented by the lines of the cut, the small tufts of hair tousled and plucky. Skin is from Celestial Studios Charmed Line, with eyes from Freak Fantasia and lashes by [Detour]. Not a high-fashion look by any means, rather a "My" fashion look that makes me feel a little warmer when the world gets cold.

Shopping Details:
Jacket - **DP**, Hood Jacket (Gray)
Thermal - Hang The DJ!, Key Hole Thermal (Back in Black)
Jeans - Tres Blah, Dark Rinse Jeans
Boots - ETD Shoes, Heather Boots (Black)
Bag - [SG*], Totebag
Earrings - Sian Birke Jewelry, Stud Earrings
Ring - Caroline's Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Hair - ..Marlys.., Slim Pixie Hair (Licorice)
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Red-Dusk)
Eyes - Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes

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