Friday, December 5, 2008

Leather And Lace

Look Of The Day [Nov.13/08] 1

(PixelDolls) has been a long time favorite of mine, when they completely re-focused the shop, selling limited editions of the old stock off, I was anxious to see what new and exciting things would come out of Port Seraphin. The Anticipation outfit was one of my first purchases from the new releases, and is probably still my favorite. I consists of a cream lace blouse, a black wrap sweater, and leather slacks. There are endless layer possibilities, which I always love, so you can wear pieces separately, something every budget conscious shopper should look for. It also comes with a sweet necklace, which I opted not to wear, but it is perfectly lovely. (PixelDolls) continues to create some incredible work, and it is worth it to be in the Subscribe-O-Matic group, as almost every new release offers a free group gift as a sample of their fine work.

Look Of The Day [Nov.13/08] 3

I chose to go with one of the last things I purchased before my "Shopping Diet", these amazing ETD Kristin Booties in a lovely Natural bone colour. I thought that cream coloured shoe would add some interest and echo the colour of the blouse nicely. To be sure they 'popped', I slipped into some basic black tights from (CREAMSHOP). A Ruffled Handbag from Urid Dal is a nice classic compliment. A very special necklace from (Caroline's) adds some nice interest at the neckline, the length worked well with the v-neck sweater. (Caroline's) Special Cameo Locket in Gold is scripted so that you can place a precious picture texture inside it, making it really personal and special. A great chunky Diamond Encrusted Square Curt Amethyst Ring from Paper Couture also pics up on the heirloom feel of many elements in the look. I pulled on a Vintage Basic Bangle and Earrings from Luc Jewelry, formerly -EARTHTONES-.

Look Of The Day [Nov.13/08] 2

Hair is a stunning Burnt tipped White shade from ETD, the Roxie wig. I am really moving towards shorter styles a lot lately, they feel really fresh, and they have so much more style potential then a lot of long wigs. ETD does some of the best I have seen. Skin is Canimal Essence of Pinup, a real favorite, I love the lip shade. Eyes are from **[Riddle]**, and Love Lashes are from [Detour].
All together a nice put together look with little effort and lots of impact.

Shopping Details:
Outfit - (PixelDolls), Anticipation (Leather pants, Lace Top, Sweater)
Tights - (CREAMSHOP), Plain Tights Set (Black)
Shoes - ETD Shoes, Kristin Booties (Natural)
Bag - Urid Dal, Ruffled Handbag (Dark Grey)
Necklace - Caroline's Jewelry, Special Cameo Locket in Gold
Ring - Paper Couture, P.C., Diamond Encrusted Square Curt Amethyst Ring
Earrings, Bangle - -EARTHTONES-(Now Luc Jewelry), Vintage Sets: Humble Blossom - Gold
Hair - ETD, Roxie (White Burnt)
Skin - Canimal, Essence(Grace)... of Pinup
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes - **[Riddle]**, Realistic Brights - Brown

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