Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Getting The ®™ Kiss Off!

Normally, I do not get political on my blog. It is about fashion, and my love for it, and my personal expression of self. But I cannot ignore this current trademarking crap from LL any longer. I agree with many others who have posted on this topic, it is apparently not "Your World, Your Imagination"... It is "Our World, Our Profit at Your Expense". The fact that I may face a libel suit because of the name of my Blog or my use of any of the terms that LL deems their 'property' is incredibly offensive. In the past almost 2 years since I joined the virtual megaverse, I have purchased currency to the tune of well over $2000.00 US, and have been paying for premium account status and the tier fees ensuing from SIM ownership.

Not Only does LL profit from the free advertising myself and other bloggers have provided them and their 'service', but I have also been party to others being taken advantage of in a similar manner by encouraging friends and family to participate in my hobby. If they had any concern for their 'residents', they would be explicit that the use of their trademarked symbols and terms where it actually supports their economy, is not subject to scrutiny. They would allow individuals who do not profit from their use, as I do not, to continue to use these terms in good faith. Instead, they have bitten the hand that feeds their greedy little 'corporate' mouths, and I am outraged.

Am I going to change the name of my blog... you bet! Am I going to refrain from mentioning LL or any of their registered terminology, Hallowed Be Their Name, yes I damn well am! I will not continue to support LL in their apparent lack of concern for their members, and their refusal to acknowledge the role we have all played in their success and proliferation.

I will continue to blog as always, without mention of the virtual community I am referring to, and have already created a new Blog URL Virtual Fashion Addict where there will be absolutely no mention of said company, not even the old disclaimer as to my disassociation with them. Why bother even using their name to suggest I am not affiliated with them, that too is a form of publicity, and they deserve none of it. I will begin to post simultaneously on both Blogs, until my new blog is picked up on the feeds, at which time this blog will be discontinued. If there was an alternative, I would seek it out, instead, I will refrain to the best of my ability from allowing LL to profit from my participation in their 'world' and still do my part to support the content creators that continue to get shafted by the corporation that literally profits from their blood, sweat, and tears on a daily basis.

You can only screw people over if they allow you to do it, and I am no longer in the mood to be screwed! Congrats LL, you have finally given the virtual middle finger to all of us, and I am now telling you where you can stick that finger!


Cerrie said...

I'm speechless and stupified, but a resounding Here, Here!! from this virtual girl!

I realize you are speaking for yourself but I'm quite sure there are a great many who whole heartedly agree with you. Bets are that when LL realizes this is taking a bite out of their fatted pig, they will change their tune.

Miriam Mayne said...


I am going to quote that one in full. Thanks!

Anessa Stine said...

Love ya Sis... you tell 'em!

Allegory Malaprop said...

From the new "clearer" (still, clear as mud, so I'm not sure) terms, I think Second Life Fashion Addict is safe, as you are using "2 common nouns."