Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Martini Time!

Dirty Martini [October 31/08] 4

So here it is folks, my final Halloween costume for the year! I am wearing this tonight as I DJ at the PIN UPS "Big Halloween Bash" Event, it's going to be a hell of a party, lots of treats and a great big costume contest too. I love Friday night parties, it's 80s' night tonight! I wanted to go with a retro and pin-up style look, and when I spotted this adorable Ms. Dirty Martini at ~Digital Knickers~, I had to have it. It is seriously saucy, and reminds me of a World War II era Cocktail Waitress, with a little more sex appeal. The set comes complete with the hand held scripted martini glass, complete with lipstick stain on the rim. It utters some very cheeky phrases while you sip. The ice cube earrings and martini pendant necklace are also included. But the hat is the topper, it gives the costume that extra bit of polish, and the sweet olive accents are positively yummy. If you want to know why it is called "Ms. Dirty Martini", you need to check out the optional top of the dress, let's just say, someone ate the olives.

Dirty Martini [October 31/08] 3

I wanted to wear some great seamed stocking with this costume, and dove into my inventory to find the perfect pair from Szentasha. These are part of the amazing ~J~ Bunny Girl costume, and are a seriously sexy seamed pair of fishnets, with the bonus of being tintable. The tray with Martini is also part of the Bunny Girl costume, and I decided to wear it with this look, as it doesn't talk as much and will be less chat spamming during my DJ set.

Dirty Martini [October 31/08] 2

Can we talk shoes? I have had these sexy "Playful" Stilettos from Sylfie's Prim Seductions since February, 23rd of 2007. Back then, they were the height of Prim Footwear (Pun intended), but I still love wearing them, and they just worked perfectly with this costume. the lace detail and red trim could not be better suited, and even though they are not a sculpted shoe, they really hold up well for shoes almost two years in age. In-world, that is older then most everyone on my friends list. I am also wearing my (Caroline's) Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring, just a little more "Ice" for my Martini.

Dirty Martini [October 31/08] 1

I always go for my ETD Juliana Hair when going for a more retro sophisticated look, it is one of my most worn wigs, and that is saying a lot when I own over 400 styles. The skin had to be the perfect red-lipped beauty to match the lipstick stain on the Martini glass, and this Celestial Studios Charmed Skin in Red Diva is just the right shade of sexy red with lash heavy lids. Separates Lashes are from Cake, and Olive toned eyes are Miriel's Big Hazel Eyes. So as the Reverend Horton Heat song says, "It's Martini Time"! Happy Halloween! Feel free to join us at PIN UPS starting at 7pm SLT for a big old relaxed and silly "Halloween Bash"!

Shopping Details:
Costume - ~Digital Knickers~, HALLOWEEN EDITION Ms. Dirty Martini [Includes Dress, Necklace, Earrings, Hat, & Hand Held Martini Glass]
Fishnet Stockings & Martini Tray - From Szentasha ~J~ Bunny Girl Costume
Shoes - Sylfie's Prim Seductions, "Playful" White With Black Lace/Red Detail Stiletto
Ring - (Caroline's), Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Hair - ETD, Juliana (Black)
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Red - Diva)
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Lashes - Cake, Separated Lashes

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