Thursday, February 14, 2008

And They Call It... Puppy Love!

I am not a huge Pet Lover in RL, by that I mean that I don't own any, and that I really have no desire too, I like animals, am kind to them, but they are not my thing really. In SL however, I think pets can be a blast, you don't have to walk them or clean litter boxes, and you can tuck them neatly back into your inventory when you go out for a night on the town. This little sweetie, named Toto, was picked up back when I was putting a Wizard of Oz 'Dorothy' Costume together for an Event at PIN UPS. I just think he is adorable, and if someone clicks on him, he yips and barks at him or her, how is that for attitude!

So it was time to take little Toto out on a shopping trip, and what can I say, cute little puppies make me want to dress the part! Girly pink from "/artilleri/", in these fab Plaid Pants and sweet 'Lacy Leo' Leopard Print Camisole, made a nice jumping off point for this look. The strapped chucks from "EnvYou" in Mischief Cove are still my casual shoe of choice, and I own them in all 8 colours, I think I wear them more than any other single pair of shoes I own. Still going with the cute factor, this adorable necklace and bracelet I picked up at "Miam Miam", I have always been a fan of a charm bracelet and tiny prim work. Now check the purse, yep it's transparent, and what is that you spy through the bag -- cell phone, compact, hairbrush, and BIRTH CONTROL PILLS! Could you die! No unwanted Prim Babies in this Avatar's future I tell ya!

This hair, from my last trip to "Old Gravy", called 'Gun Club' is adorably punky! And yes, still no word on the whereabouts of the M.I.A. "Old Gravy", but my quest for information continues. Again, anyone who has any details about the goings on at "Old Gravy" can IM me in-world or leave comment on my blog. Thanks for all the comments; we need to SAVE THE GRAV-Y!

Look Of The Day [Feb.12/08]

Eyes – Miriel, Hazel (Big)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Tone 20, Silver 1)
Hair – Old Gravy, Gun Club (White)[No Longer Found]
Top - /artilleri/, Lacy Leo (Long, Pink Lace)
Pet – Wynx’s Whimsical Wonders, Black Teacup Poodle
Purse – Aimee Weber @ Midnight City, Handbag (Canada)
Necklace – Miam Miam, Yummy Charm Necklace (Scripted, Silver)
Bracelet – Miam Miam, Yummy Charm Bracelet (Scripted, Silver)
Pants - /artilleri/, Plain Plaid Pants (Baby Pink)
Shoes – Sumire & EnvYou , Strapped Chucks (Black)

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