Friday, February 29, 2008

Cute As A Cherry Button

I have been enjoying visiting the 'Cherry Buttons' Shopping Village and been picking up mucho much stuff lately. These Fabu 'Hustler' glasses from "Sonny's Sunnies" by Melatonin Hax are so Hunky Chunky Awesome! This top, from “Twosome” as well as the great tights were nifty finds there as well! And YAY for “Twosome” for giving us tucked top options… LOVE LOVE LOVE that! I am so in love with these bunchy legged shorts from "D!FF", it was hard to settle on just one colour, and I will likely be back for a second... or heck even a third! All these items are available at 'Cherry Buttons', and so much more... you have ta go!

I picked up this sweet wig from "Cake" this week too, and it sort of reminds me of one of my other favorite styles lately, but it is much more tousled and funky, and I am so digging it! The jacket was a gift from my Sister Nessa, and I love the brightness, surprised to see it was from "Dutch Touch" which I normally would associate with darker more urban and subdued garb. The shoes, well if you haven't got a pair yet... you are missing out... there is nothing more perfect to pair with tights then some sweet 'Mary Jane' styles shoes, but Tesla Miles really done good with these, the textures didn't photograph as well as I had hoped, but they look like silk taffeta up close. I love the ribbon detail on the heel, how cute right? But also, the buckle is so nicely made... the colours of this "Estella" shoe are fruity-liscious... and so fun! I loved to put in the little detailed bits like this "Yummy" 'Mixtape' necklace, and these cute 'Heart Dangle' Bangles from "Boing Fromage'. This look made me smile from the inside out...

Look Of The Day [Feb.27/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Feb.27/08] 1

Eyes – Decollage, Hazel Eyes
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Skins (Tone 20, Rubies)
Hair – Cake (FNKY! & Cake), Rumor (Snow)
Jacket – DUTCH TOUCH, Leather Jacket (Pink)
Top – Twosome, Passion Fruit Retro Top
Tights – Twosome, Yummy Socks
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Pants – D!FF => Differ*nt , Dongipani Shorts (Rose)
Necklace – Yummy, Mixtape Necklace
Glasses – Sonny’s Sunnies by Melatonin Hax, Hustler Sunglasses
Bracelet - !BF! (Boing Fromage!), Buncha Heart Dangles (Rave)
Shoes – Tesla, Estella Shoes (Pink)

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