Saturday, February 23, 2008

PIN UP DOLLS Boutique Releases - The Cosmo Dress!

I have been sitting on this particular 'JOY' for days now and am finally so glad to show you what I have been hiding! My dear friend Pin Upshaw of "PIN UP DOLLS Boutique" attended an Event at PIN UPS Night Club Recently, where I was reading silly little bits from Cosmo Magazine (which, honestly, I had not even purchased in about 10 years) on my Mic Breaks. At one point, I said "and Rihanna is on the Cover wearing a dress I would Kill For in SL!". And Pin, or Pinny, as I call her decided to surprise me by making this most amazing dress in the most delicious yellow I had ever seen! She surprised me with it this week, and I was so thrilled, I convinced her she HAD to release it in her shop in as many delicious colours as possible! And today, I am thrilled to see this "Dream Dress" realized. The original worn by Rhianna on the cover of Cosmo is now "The Cosmo Dress" and you can own one too!

The Dress comes in 8 colours, for just $200L each, or you can get the 4 pack of 'Tarnished Gold' or 'Tarnished Silver' Bodice Sets for just $700L. I can hardly believe it! This is Pinny's best work by far, and it is definitely as Couture as the "Vesace" that inspired it. But Pinny did not stop there, she went and created a completely new 'Gown Version' in some delicious Pastels that would be perfect for a Spring Formal or a Bridesmaid Gown, and at only $250 L, they are a steal. Not only that, you can dress your whole wedding party in the "PIN PACK" of all 4 (Transfer) Gowns for only $850L. But best of all, check out the Special "Deluxe Edition Gown/Dress" Pack in the Fashionista's Favorite BLACK! It comes with both the Tarnished Gold and Tarnished Silver Versions of the Gown AND Dress, which is 4 amazing looks for just $350L! Run... Do Not Walk to "PIN UP DOLLS Boutique" Main Store in Retrology NOW and get yourself a delicious sip of Cosmo! Cheers!

The Cosmo Dress/Gown in Deluxe Edition [Black]
The Cosmo Dress/Gown Deluxe Edition - Black!
[L-R] Cosmo Gown in Black/Silver, Cosmo Dress in Black/Silver, Cosmo Dress in Black/Gold, Cosmo Gown in Black/Gold

The Cosmo Dress in Tarnished Gold
The Cosmo Dress! Tarnished Gold [Feb.23/08]
[L-R] Citrus Twist, Lemon Drop, Mocha Kiss, Saucy Tomato

The Cosmo Dress in Tarnished Silver
The Cosmo Dress! Tarnished Silver [Feb.23/08]
[L-R] Blueberry Tart, Fresh Fuchsia, Great Grape, Orange Julius

The Cosmo Gown in Soft Pastels
The Cosmo Gown! Pretty Pastels [Feb.23/08]
[L-R] First Blush, Ice Blue, Spring Green, Sweet Mauve

In All Photos:
Dress - PIN UP DOLLS Boutique, The Cosmo
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Club 13)
Skin – TaP, Tete a Pied - Now Fleur Skins, Vivant Bronze, Paon 4 [Group Gift]
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel (Big)
Hair – The Abyss, Secret (Smoke)
Bangle – EARTHTONES, Deco Wood Bangle, Tri-colour
Shoes – Maitreya, ChiChi (Black)
Earring – EARTHTONES, Carollin, Earrings (Gold/Black)

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