Monday, February 4, 2008

Making Progress...

As I continue to work on my skills in Photoshop, I have created a bunch of "NEWNESS" for my Shop on Retrology, "HANG THE DJ!". Here is a Display of some of my latest designs. I am open to comments, criticisms, and kudos... but be gentle (I am a nurse in RL and never even used Photoshop before December of 2007). Anyways, working on more now, especially since getting the OK from FashCon to begin sending out a Weekly Notice! Yay! Check out my Shop Anytime!

.-*-. HANG THE DJ! .-*-.! Key Hole Thermal! in "Back in Black"

The Women’s “Key Hole Thermal”, a cozy cold-weather basic that comes in both Un-Tucked (Jacket Layer) and Tucked (Shirt Layer & Undies Layer) Versions as a set for only 50L! No Copy, No Mod, Yes Transfer. The “Key Hole” cut out can show off a glimpse of a simple Camisole beneath, or wear it alone for a touch of sexy. I like giving women the option to wear something as a top layer, or have it in a tucked version to wear under a favorite jacket or vest. Five colour choices; Back In Black, Black & Burgundy, Melon, Sea Mist, and Snowflake.

HTDJ! Days Of The Week Fundies! Ad

The “Day of The Week Fundies!” Pack includes Seven “Day” of the Week Panties, Plus the “Fun-Day!” Panty, and one just for “Laundry Day”. Nine Pairs that each come in both Undies and Pants Clothing Layers for the Tat Lovin’ Gals! Wow…. 18 Pairs of Panties for just $75L! Mod, Copy, No Trans *Cause Who Gives People Panties Except Yer Mom on Christmas!*. Pick Up Yours Today!

.-*-. HANG THE DJ! .-*-. Cuddler Sweater (Goldenrod) Ad

The “Cuddler Sweater!”. I was feeling the chill today and wanted to wrap myself in something cozy. My first use of Sculpty Prims for Collar and Cuffs which are Mod-able so you can make them fit your fashion sense. Meant to resemble Cashmere, it comes in three bright colours to cheer you up “Cornflower Blue”, “Goldenrod”, and “Dusty Rose”. Grab yours at the Retrology Location for only 50L. (Mod, Copy, No Tranfer).

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Skate Foss said...

Looks Great! I use Photoshop every day and I cant make clothes, Congratulations!!