Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Warm As Yellow...

Look Of The Day [July 3/2008] 1

*Thimbles* has become one of my favorite shops for fun and quirky fashions, and it has a lot to do with the incandescent energy of it's dynamic creators Apathia Hammerer and Melatonin Hax. I have to admit that before they rented a shop on Retrology, I was unfamiliar with them, it was Anessa that brought *Thimbles* to my attention, and she gets props for that. This Half A World Away dress is one of the newest releases from the gals, and I have to say it is one of their best. The layered tulle like skirt is dreamy, covered in stars and it's brightness combined with a muted almost mustard colour dress makes it really unique. I love the Bow detail on the neck with the black collar, really a smart touch. This colour, Bright as Yellow, is particularly a favorite, because it has the same name as one of my favorite songs by the Innocence Mission. (Check the Lyrics at the end of this Post.)

I was glad to finally have a reason to wear these adorable J's Real Toe Ankle Belt Sandals, they are hella sexy and cute. But seriously, how could you not love prim toes after what seems like an Ice Age in our little virtual world, J's has really got some great summer shoes you need to check out. You can grab em' up at the Footwear Expo now too. I pulled in a trusty Black Bag from Paper Couture, the Rotunda Bag has always been easy to wear with almost any look. Earring are from -EARTHTONES-, the Kamoana Shell Earrings in Yellow and Silver pull in a little shimmer and colour. Big fat Gem Jelly Donut Bangles from ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~ give a little interest to bare arms, these are so great with the two clicks to customize not only the bangle colour but the gems, I wear them endlessly.

Look Of The Day [July 3/2008] 2

This hair was a little tricky, the main style is the spiky up-do from Magika called Genesis, but I felt I needed a little more forehead coverage so I tacked on some of the awesome ETD bangs. It is really worth grabbing up the ETD bangs in your favorite shades, they really can transform a style, and Elika's textures work so well with those from dozens of the best wig makes in-world. Skin is Canimal's Essence of Poise Make-Up, and I love the way these skins make me look a little sad, I think it is the eyes, I love having s little expression in a world where is hardly exists but for silly over-emoted grimaces. Lashes are [Detour]'s Love Lashes and Glassy Mustard Green Eyes are from Freak Fantasia.

Shopping Details:
Dress - *Thimbles*, Half A World Away Dress (Bright As Yellow)
Shoes – J’s, Real Toes Ankle Belt Sandals (Black)
Bag – Paper Couture, The Rotunda Bag (Onyx)
Bangles - ~*FBG*~, Gem Jelly Donut Bangles (Silver)
Earrings - -EARTHTONES-, Kamoana Shell Earrings (Yellow/Silver)
Hair – Magika Hair, Genesis (Black)
Bangs – ETD, Long Bangs Left (Black)
Skin – Canimal, Essence of (Grace)… Poise
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes - Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green

Bright As Yellow - Innocence Mission
And you live your life with your arms stretched out.
Eye to eye when speaking.
Enter rooms with great joy shouts,
happy to be meeting.
And bright,
bright, bright as yellow,
warm as yellow.
And I do not want to be a rose.
I do not wish to be pale pink,
but flower scarlet, flower gold.
And have no thorns to distance me,
but be bright,
bright, bright as yellow,
warm as yellow.
Even if I'm shouting, even if I'm shouting here
Even if I'm shouting, do you see that I'm wanting,
that I want to be so so
bright, bright as yellow,
warm as yellow.

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