Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vanilla Kitty + Honey Bears

Look Of The Day [July 11/2008] 1

Some times, I just wanna be cute. There is so much cuteness out there on the grid that it's an easy look to pull off, and dressing up with dashes of whimsy and kitsch has a certain appeal. This look started with this adorable Rainbow Cardigan from Honey + Kitty, I choose the Oreo Colour because of the Cupcake Design, and I really loved the black and white polka dots. It has prim sleeve parts, with a touch of lace, and two options for the colour of the trim. Really a sweet little sweater, and it does come in about half a dozen delightful colours, all with different designs on the front. I wanted to pair it with some cute and equally relaxed pants, and these =DeLa*= Stacy Capri Jeans with Rolled Prim Cuffs have a really worked in look, the coloured stains make it look like I was rolling down a grassy hill.

Accessories are just as fun, starting with this great Sassy Grandma Necklace from Ki-Squared. Really cute pastel colour beads, and the double strand is really sweet. I also pulled in this adorable Canimal Bear Hug Ring. It makes me laugh to look at it now because a friend of mine thought it was poop, so I call it my Pooh Bear ring. I am also wearing my Red Ruin Lip Ring, and decided to go with a bit more edgy kind of cute, adding my Canimal Henna II Tattoos. Somehow adding some edgier elements cuts the sweetness factor a bit so you don't go into sugar shock. Shoes are the ever fabulous Tesla Diva Heels in Black, and the handbag is from [ICoN], new to me and discovered on a shopping trip to the Juicy Boardwalk last week. The Snakeskin Bag comes in a three pack for different hold points, and it is available is half a dozen yummy colours.

Look Of The Day [July 11/2008] 2

I have seen people wear this awesome Vanilla hair from Creamshop before, but never realized just how great it was. I comes in a pack with 4 options, a plain version, and then accessorized versions, including one with a tiny hat, but I choose the one with the Star Hairpin. I love this Celestial Studios Charmed Skin with the glittery Gold eyeshadow, and I particularly love wearing it with cute looks like this, the glitter is very girly. Bedroom Lashes are from Cake, and Mystical Doll Eyes are from Naughty Designs.

Shopping Details:
Sweater - *H+K*, (Oreo) Rainbow Cardigan (Sleeve01)
Jeans - =DeLa*=, Jeans “Stacy” Capri Blue 03
Shoes – Tesla, Diva Heels (Black)
Bag – [ICoN], MN Bag Set (SNK Pink) Clutch
Necklace - *Ki2*, Sassy Grandma
Lips Ring – Red Ruin, Lip Ring
Ring – Canimal, Novelty Rings (Bear Hug)
Tattoos – Canimal, Henna Pack II
Hair – (Creamshop), Vanilla Hair (Star Hairpin)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Gold 1)
Lashes – Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Eyes – Naughty Designs, [ND] Lost. Doll Eyes (Mystical)

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