Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rockin' The Shockin' Pink!

Look Of The Day [June 11/2008] 1

I love clothes that are a look all on their own, something you can just throw some accessories behind and walk out the door. When the Starlust Motel had their opening, I gleefully shopped in almost every shop on the SIM. When I stumbled into the KUROTSUBAKI room, I was wowed. I hadn't been keeping tabs on their work for a bit, and when I saw this yummy shocking pink Tsunagi jumpsuit, it was an instant YES! Really simple, sexy sexy, and a really great summer look. I love the button detail on the pockets, the nicely finished sleeves, and the prim short legs, all very well textured. Now all I needed was some accessories to make the look my own.

I started with a belt, this *Muism* Double Zip Belt ads a lot of interest, and the flexi parts that extent past the waist are really interesting. I picked up this mega-customizable bag from Kimberly Casanova, the Girlfriend Bag in Zebra is scripted 9 ways, so you can select the colour of just about every part of the bag, there are thousands of possible combinations, but I stuck with pink and turquoise mainly. I knew that the perfect shoe for this look was the adorable Stiletto Moody Bitch Bootie in Pucci Pace Print. You can seriously match these shoes with dozens of outfits, the colours in them are really lovely. I was thrilled to finally pull on this adorable necklace from ::69::, who doesn't love the Love Necklace? Really nice use of Sculpties here. I also opted for this cute ::69:: Sprinkles Bracelet for a cute touch, it is a Freebie item, I believe still available in-store.

Look Of The Day [June 11/2008] 2

I wanted a wig with volume, so I went into my Mirai folder and pulled out this awesome huge .+*Luci*+. style in White. I can always count on Mirai for some serious bombshell hair, this one reminds me a lot of Brigitte Bardot. The skin is another new one from bianca F., a treat for me since I love green so very much, this Fata 2 Forest Make-Up really adds a nice dash of colour. Catwalk Lashes are from MMS, and these great deep luminous Splatter eyes are from Big Booty Big Money, which I believe is no longer in it's former ENVY location, but I have a hunch will turn up again soon. *wink*

Shopping Details:
Jumpsuit - *KUROTSUBAKI*, Tsunagi (Pink)
Belt - *Muism*, [Double Zip Belt] White
Bag – Kimberly Casanova *KC*, Girlfriend Handbag *Zebra* [Scripted]
Shoes – Stiletto Moody, Bitch Bootie (PucciPace Heel)
Necklace - ::69::, Love Necklace (Gold)
Bracelet - ::69::, Sprinkles Bracelet (White)[Freebie in Store]
Hair – Mirai, .+*Luci*+. (White)
Skin – bianca F., fata2-ivory-forest
Lashes – MMS, Catwalk Lashes
Eyes – BBBM, Watery Eyes, Mud (Splatter)[No Current Location]

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