Thursday, July 17, 2008

Toga Party Done Sexy

Look Of The Day [July 14/2008] 1

Who doesn't love a Toga Party? Just the thought of one brings scenes from the classic National Lampoon's Animal House to mind, the crazy silly antics of John Belushi and company. I also remember my first Toga Party dance in high school, I was 16, stole a six-pack of my dads beer from the fridge, chugged 2 with some girlfriends, then upon leaving the dance managed to slam my friends toga sheet and her fingers in the car door. Ah, good times! I have had several Toga Party Events at PIN UPS, but I always wore the same clunky costume, cute but not in the least bit sexy. That was until Anessa dragged me to Cupcakes to pick up this adorable One Shoulder Mini Dress when Stiletto Moody was about to release her Gladiator Boots. Anessa & Graci (On Your Toes) got me into a pre-release pair for a photo for their blog, and the look was perfection. This may not specifically be a Toga, but it is close enough, and really a sweet little dress. It also comes in white, silver, and about half a dozen yummy soft pastel colours. I think it cost less then $100LaLas as most of the offerings from Cupcakes do, make sure you visit if you have never been.

What goes better with a Toga then Gladiator Boots, and any opportunity to wear these Stiletto Moody Gladiator Boots is one I am going to exploit. These are the All Colours version, with a touch for menu option and you can select any of the great combinations the boot is offered in. I love this Black with an almost copper/bronze lining. I decided to work with this Bronze colour in my accessories, pulling in *PERSONA*'s amazing Mighty Heart Collection Bracelets and Earrings. I love that there are so many bracelet options in the set, and the they all come for right or left hands, so you can mix them up a bit, here I am wearing the Mix Bangles on my left wrist, and the Bangles on my right. The Mighty Heart Earrings are really lovely too, I love the texturing on the puffed hearts. I am also wearing my Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire by Caroline's Jewelry.

Look Of The Day [July 14/2008] 2

This Divine up-do from Laqroki is a lovely pile of loops and twists, and reminds me of the hair styles worn in the Russell Crowe Gladiator Movie. I did mod this to tack on a second set of bangs though, because of my higher forehead, but it was a fairly easy job to do. This skin is bianca F.'s Drama, which has a really chiseled almost porcelain look to it, very lovely. Separated Lashes are from Cake, and Big Hazel Eyes from Miriel.

Shopping Details:
Dress – Cupcakes, One Shoulder Mini Dress (Black)
Shoes – Stiletto Moody, Gladiator Boot (All Colours)
Jewelry - *PERSONA*, Mighty Heart Collection (Bronze)
Earrings, Bangles (R), Mix Bangles (L)
Ring – Caroline’s, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Hair – Laqroki, Divine (Black, Moded Bangs)
Skin – bianca F., *bf* fata2-ivory-drama
Lashes – Cake, Separated Lashes
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel (Big)


Ana Lutetia said...

You look stunning! Love that look!

Zelda Homewood said...

I bought this dress the other day and LOVE it's classic simplicity, which needs very little embellishment. And the price can't be beat!