Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some Bunny To Love...

Tiny Bunny [July 22/08] 1

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think I have ever seen a Tiny Avatar appear on the Fashion Planet Feed, at least not since I have been aware of it. I have seen fairies, elves, animal-morphs, Nekos, and all sorts of interesting costumes, but the Tiny Community seems incredibly absent. Maybe it's because they are not terrible fashionable, I have to admit this is the only time I alter my shape, and the shape under the avatar is frankly disturbing. But the skill and talent involved in making these darling little creatures is worth a mention.

Tiny Bunny [July 22/08] 2

We recently had a "Tiny Wonders" Event at PIN UPS, and out came the little folk. We have a Tiny Dance Ball for these events and for any wee folk that visit, and it is essential (not pretty using a regular dance ball with a crunched skinny shape). I love this sweet Tiny Brown Bunny AV by Wynx Whiplash, that is available in world in a number of Wynx's Whimsical Wonders locations, as well as OnRez. It is just darling, and so well textured. I particularly love the eyes, they are just so large and glassy, and really make you get all mushy. The large head and eyes evoke the same sort of protective instinct we all have for infants and puppies, kittens, and other baby animals.

Tiny Bunny [July 22/08] 3

Although the idea of accessorizing a bunny makes me kind of uncomfortable, I do think that the number of people making tiny fashions do it with love, and care, and really do so well considering it is entirely prim based clothing. Etheria Parrott of Tiny Inc does a fantastic job in this respect, as with this Foxglove Thora Tiny Outfit. The outfit comes with the dress, little flexi bows for the ears, and the shoes. Just pure fun, and there is so much to be had in Tiny Clothing, it is almost shocking to think there is a whole world most of us are largely unaware of. This includes tiny homes, furniture, poses and dances, and accessories. If you want to have a good laugh with friends one night, pick up a Tiny Avatar and head to one of the Shire Sims to explore, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Shopping Details:
Tiny Bunny AV, Brown Bunny by Wynx Whiplash
Flora Tiny Outfit (Foxglove) by Tiny Inc (Etheria Parrott)