Saturday, July 19, 2008

le salon by Moire Georgette - Let The Hunt Begin!

True to her promise, Moire Georgette sorted out the nasty broken scripts and the le salon Grand Opening and Treasure Hunt is on! Starting now, and going on through till Sunday, July 27th/08, you can visit le salon to see all the new releases. She has released her Dulce Skins in 12 Make-ups and 4 Skin Tones, and her Hair Line with 12 new styles in 30 amazing new colours/textures.

But best of all, Moire is having a special Treasure Hunt for Three Exclusive Make-ups and Three Hair Styles in Exclusive Colours. But the best part, all of the skin tones are in the hunt, and each make-up come in two skin-tones. That's 9 Wigs and 6 Skins available for the Treasure Hunters! Here are the fabulous Skins and Wigs you can find in the hunt, which is a bit of a challenge, with 6 different shaped containers, all representing beauty products, hidden in and around the store. Get Hunting HERE!


1. Le Salon – Dulce Skin – Promo Sunny (Cake)
2. Le Salon – Dulce Skin – Promo Sunny (Caramel)
3. Le Salon – Dulce Skin – Promo Icing (Custard)
4. Le Salon – Dulce Skin – Promo Icing (Cream)
5. Le Salon – Dulce Skin – Promo Wine (Cake)
6. Le Salon – Dulce Skin – Promo Wine (Custard)


1. Le Salon – Victoria – Promo Brown
2. Le Salon – Victoria – Promo Blonde
3. Le Salon – Victoria – Promo Red
4. Le Salon – Marjorie – Promo Brown
5. Le Salon – Marjorie – Promo Blonde
6. Le Salon – Marjorie – Promo Red
7. Le Salon – Dorothy – Promo Brown
8. Le Salon – Dorothy – Promo Blonde
9. Le Salon – Dorothy – Promo Red

le salon Opening Gift Hunt Items

These are the Adorable Containers you are hunting for, Good Luck! (They Look So Cute, I want to leave them on my Bathroom Sink!) Congratulations Moire on your Grand Opening of le salon and a Big Thanks for your Generosity from all of the Hunters!

Also Worn -
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Lashes - Cake, Separated Lashes
Ring - Caroline's Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring


danieli said...

moire here.

aw, lovely pics! i wouldn't have done better ^_^

Alyssa said...

I suppose le salon has closed - I really wish I could find the items still! I really loved their stuff.