Monday, July 7, 2008

The Twi'lek Dancer...

The Twi’lek Dancer [June 26/2008] 10

Confession time... when I joined Phil's Place in November of 2006, it was becuase I saw something on Dateline or a similar program about it. In the segment, they showed various aspects of the community, but the one that got me was the Star Wars Roleplay. I kid you not. I was really into Star Wars at the time, I have always been a huge fan, and was getting bored with the XBox offerings, so I signed up. My name, Jhuzen Ketsugo, was based on a character name I created for a Fan Fiction novel I was working on, I am that much of a geek. The name of my character was Ket-Su Jhuzen. I put it together from snippets od Japanese words, but the last name, Jhuzen, I think I pretty much made up out of no-where. The day I got my account, I was kinda pissed that I could not make my own last name, but then I saw Ketsugo on the list, so I switched it up, and put Jhuzen for my first name.

The Twi’lek Dancer [June 26/2008] 3

I was all set, I stummbled onto orientation island, got pissed of with the yammering parrots, and hit search for Star Wars, and that was the last I saw of an official Linden SIM. I joined the NOJ (New Order of the Jedi), I had a Jedi Master, and I was a Padawan. Yep, you may now laugh freely. I got myself payment verified, got some LaLas and got an apartment on a SIM with a Naboo Village and some truly dreadful furniture. I was a total geek, and I am proud. But when my Jedi Master tried to help me understand linking Prims to build my own lightsaber, I was screwed. To this day I am the worst builder in the history of Phil's Place. I moved on when things turned into this bizarre combat driven competition between Star Wars RP Groups. Not interested in combat, I met some people, and began to learn there was so much more in-world then I could have ever imagined.

The Twi’lek Dancer [June 26/2008] 7

The Twi’lek Dancer [June 26/2008] 6

I still love Star Wars, and when we had a Sci-Fi Night at PIN UPS Recently I was all set. As a member of FashCon, I am constantly closing notices all day long, but one that caught my eye recently was from Nomine, announcing the introduction of Sculted Flexi Twi'lek Heads. I saved that notecard. Twi'lek are considered the most beautiful and enchanting women in the Star Wars Galaxy, often dancers, and I had never even considered getting a costume like this, but when I saw the photos in the FashCon notice, I was amped! I went and got one of the six head variations, the long parts on the head are called Lekku, Twi'lek meaning Twin Lekku, each was fabulous. They are different, but are scripted to colour change to match the amazing Nomine Aether Female Skins, so you can pick your skin colour and any one of the 6 head versions. This Lemon Aether Skin was the one for me. I picked up a stunning pair of Starburst Eyes while at Nomine too. The Costume is actually the Princess Leia Slave Costume, I got that close to when I joined up too, but Nicoletta Giovinazzo sells them still on SLX. The Cuff and Arm Bands are included, as is a Collar I opted not to wear. Warning, the panties Layer bottom has an open crotch, so wear with caution unless you wanna give the world a free show. Shoes are simple but lovely leather sandals from Boing Fromage.

This was one of the occasion I felt called for a location shoot, so I searched for a good Star Wars SIM, having not been to one for over a year and a half, I had no idea where to go, I landed in Little Mos Eisley and the Dune Sea, the most remarkable SIM I have seen in ages. It is a RP SIM, but visitors are very welcome, provided you wear the free visitor flip title that proclaims you are OOC (Out of Character). The recreation is brilliant, the details superb, it's Owners and Managers provide and entirely emersive experience. These shots are from the Dune Sea Cliffs, looking out over the city of Little Mos Eisley, there is a Hutt Palace on the top of the cliffs, and a Jedi Temple in the Desert as well. You must visit if you are any kind of Star Wars fan at all, it is enchanting. So another fantasy lived out in Phil's Place, one that will always be near and dear to my heart.

Shopping Details:
Costume – Princess Leia Costume by Nicoletta Giovinazzo [SLX]
Sandals – Boing Fromage, Urban Bohemian Ankle Wrap Flats
Skin – Nomine, Aether Female (Lemon)
Leeku Headpiece – Nomine, Twi’lek Head (Version 4)
Eyes – EN NOMINE, contacts (Starburst)
Lashes – MMS, Photoshoot Lashes


Neferia said...

wow Is that you?
it dont look like you at all!!!
nice pictures:)

Candy said...

Thank you for posting this! I am also a huge Star Wars fan, but I've never gotten around to looking for an RP sim. Even if I never get around to doing that, a Twi'lek avatar is a must-get! I wish I saw more posts like this on the feed *grins*

Candy Lemmon said...

This was a lovely read - and you just might be the hottest Twi'lek I've ever seen!