Sunday, July 20, 2008

Off The Shoulder, Off The Cuff

Look Of The Day [July 18/08] 1

Last time I seriously shopped :Bijou:, I wandered around a bit and came upon a shop called Mirrors* next door, and of course Mirai Hair. The whole sim is really a unique shopping experience, and seems to be very different from what is going on trend-wise on the rest of the grid. The Hair is bigger and more street, the fashion fierce and playful, and the colours bright. When I saw this Off The Shoulder Top from Mirrors*, I went right for the Green, as I usually do. I really liked the casual look of this top/mini-dress and especially the sexy exposed back with the system gold chain across it. I loved that it came with the looped belt, and that there were several versions of the top (with or without the black trim) in the pack. The thing that really is adorable about it, is the saying across the front, which is something along the lines of "All Men Are Brothers Like The Seas Throughout the World, So Why Do Winds And Waves Clash so Fiercely Everywhere?". Not sure I get it, but it interesting anyways.

I decided to pull in some adorable Dotted Leggings from Surf Couture by Emma Gilmour, just a fun staple to have, and I like that it is in the same colour family, but not an exact match. It gave me a reason to pull in these awesome ETD Starley Pumps in Funky Teal, I love that these shoes are a great casual pump with some glitz, they just work. I went with some gold accessories to match the golden belt that came with the top, and opted for this great .+*aya V.*+. Gold Bracelet, which I edited by selecting linked parts, and simply tinted the white part of the one large bangle to teal. I also pulled in this amazing sculptie necklace from ::69::, this chunky Luv Necklace in Gold really has a cool street diva feel to it. Also wearing my Caroline's Jewelry Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring.

Look Of The Day [July 18/08] 2

This hair has been with me for some time, I think I may have picked it up in a fatpack for next to nothing at the opening of the Starlust Hotel, I love my Hiccup Poses, but this Electric Feel Hair with Hat is really cool and relaxed. I really like the texture in the hat. The skin is another great one from the new [RockBerry] Stage 4 line, I am really liking these skins, and although this is the lightest skin tone (I usually go for a much paler look) I like the look enough to wear it darker then I might usually. Love Lashes are [Detour], and eyes are my favorite Gem like Miriel Big Hazel Eyes.

Shopping Details:
Top – Mirrors*+, Off Shoul*TankGreen with Belt
Leggings – [SC] Surf Couture, Dotted Leggings (Aqua)
Shoes – ETD Shoes, Starley Pumps (Funky Teal)
Bracelet - .+*aya V.*+., Gold Bracelet (One Band Tinted Teal)
Necklace - :::69:::, Luv Necklace (Gold)
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Hair – Hiccup, Electric Feel (Black)
Skin – [RockBerry], Stage 4 Face A Light
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big


skat said...

You know the thing that stinks about these SL fashion blogs is that you find something you would KILL for and you go looking for it and can't find the shop because it's not there anymore. I went to Mirai...and couldn't find Mirrors... I really really REALLY want this outfit...and I can't have it :(

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

I am almost certain this outfit is still available, the location might have changed. Search for Mirrors, my SLURL might have been wrong, I remember it in that same sim as the original :Bijou:, not the new sim.
I am sorry you think it stinks, but there is a lot of movement in-world, especially since the open-space sim issue, and when I do a post, I do it with the most current information. I wish I could have moving posts, but I have been blogging for over a year, and can't go back and update every post when things move.
Hope you find it, I will see if I can when I log later tonight.
~ Ketsy