Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hang The DJ!

DJ Jhuzen Ketsugo

OK, so call me shocked as all heck, but somehow I was voted one of the Top 10 DJs in Vain Inc. Magazine's Contest. As an editor for Vain Inc., doing the Look of The Month, I actually didn't even tell anyone about the contest, because I just thought it was going to look wrong for me to even be part of it. But apparently, my friends, family, and regular listeners felt otherwise, and voted for me without my knowledge. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out I was one of the Top 10. I am incredibly flattered, mostly shocked, and really honoured to be in the company of the others in the Top 10, who are likely much better known then I am. In any case, Anessa offered to update my DJ Picture for me, since it was almost 8 months old, and I think she did a great job.

This outfit is composed of some of my very favorite things, this is exactly what I love to wear when I DJ a non-contest event, because this is how I dress in RL. casual, a little bit of funk, a lot of rock n' roll. I started with my absolute hands down favorite pair of Hell & Back Again Jeans from The Abyss. They are just a beat up and comfy pair, and go perfectly with a great T-Shirt, this one from Pushbutton Industries. The Old Fruit Tees come on all layers, which is one of my favorite things about *PBI*. I love a tucked in Tee, who needs to see tummy all the time? The shoes are some of the first sneakers I ever owner in-world, KK Outfitters makes some really great Lo-Top Kicks in a rainbow of colours, just as great for guys as for the ladies.

Look Of The Day [July 10/2008] 1

The accessories are all rock chick too, starting with this great Pick & Bullet Necklace from Vogart, I love the guitar picks on it. The bag is from *i-Candy*, the Boom Box Bags come in a pack of 2 coloured ones, but last time I was there (last week) they had a black one for just $1LaLa. The Spiked Black Arm Bands from WRONG are great wardrobe staples for me, and I nabbed this great Mod Love Ring from KaNdy Kitty on my last trip to Dogtown. This LuLu Link Belt is also a longtime favorite from Celestial Studios.

Look Of The Day [July 10/2008] 2

This Hair is another great style from Philotic Energy, I love shaggy cuts, and this Kalia one is really wicked. The skin is a new fave from QS Skins, and I am dying for new make-up releases, how great is this funky Disco 003 Skin? Love the Purple/Blue Lip and the Red shadow. The spider like Lashes are from Celestial Studios, the Club 1 Prim Lashes are really sexy and dramatic. Eyes are from BBBM, and I am waiting for news of their re-opening soon.

Shopping Details:
T-Shirt - *PBI*, Old Fruit Tees, Morning (Fresca)
Jeans - The Abyss, Hell & Back Again Denim (Light)
Shoes – KK Outfitters, Lo-Top Kool Kicks (Women’s Gray)
Bag - *i-Candy*, Boom Box Bag (Black Straps)
Necklace – Vogart, Chain Necklace (Pick & Bullet, Small)
Arm Bands – WRONG, Spike Band (Black)
Ring - (KaNdy Kitty), KK Mod Ring – Love Ring
Belt – Celestial Studios, (CS) Lulu Link Belt
Hair – Philotic Energy, Kalia (White)
Skin – [QS], Milk Skin, Disco 003
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Club 1)
Eyes – BBBM, Watery Eyes – Mud (Splatter)[No Current Location]

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