Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Feeling Groovy...

Look Of The Day [June 17/2008] 1

Whenever we have a Retro Music Event on Retrology, I dive into my inventory and look for something to match the Era. The 50s' are easy, I have a whole SIM full of options, but as for the 60s', well, there the pickings get a little slim. This outfit is from Eloria LeShelle's Battered Boudoir, and to me it just is the epitome of the GoGo Dancer. The Diabolique, here in Green, is a fabulous sexy little mini dress, and comes with tights in two colour options. This pair is Magenta, and I think really adds to the Retro feel of this look. The Diabolique comes in about 10 colour combinations, so you really have a lot of choice, and it can be made to look as modern or as retro as you like based on your choice for accessories. Well worth the LaLas if you go to a club with Era Costume Events.

To really claim this look for the 60s', I needed the perfect pair of Go Go Boots, and while not white patent leather (my mother had those), this pair of Olive Leather Funkies form Maitreya are too perfect a match for me to resist. The inside of this boot even has a magenta Liner. I discovered this great chain link Retro Belt and Earrings set at Caroline's Jewelry some time back, and it is spot on for the Era. I also chose this chunky Pasha Ring, also from Caroline's, for a little touch of Psychedelia. I think they really make the 60s' theme come to life.

Look Of The Day [June 17/2008] 2

The big hair, Aden's Farrah Style is seriously huge, and could work for a 60s' or 70s' look. Skin is Celestial Studios Charmed Line, the make-up is Earth 4, with a lovely neutral lip and the green shadow, this was actually the second premium skin I ever purchased, and I wore it almost exclusively for about 3 months after that, only switching it up for more make-up options within the same line for about a year. It is still the one I wear when I want to look more like me, if that makes any sense. Love Lashes from [Detour] for the "Summer of Love" Look, with Delta Eyes in Hazel also from [Detour].

Shopping Details:
Outfit – Battered Boudoir, Diabolique (Green/Magenta Hose)
Boots – Maitreya, Olive Leather Funkies
Belt, Earrings – Caroline’s, Retro Belt & Matching Earrings (LoLo)
Ring – Caroline’s, Pasha Ring
Hair – Aden, Farrah (White)
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Earth 4)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes – [Detour], Delta Eyes (Hazel)

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Akelei's World said...


i would like to know, the LM for the Hair, you said that is Aden, but the lm send me to a Dolly Rock place, could you correct me if i am wrong.

I love the hair, i will appreciate your help.