Monday, January 7, 2008

Tomb Raider

The Science Fiction Event at PIN UPS finally gave me a change to wear this fabulous 'DE Raider' Costume from "DE Designs". I have had it for months, and waited till I found just the right hair for the real 'Lara Croft' look, this style from "Curl Up And Dye Salon" is perfection. I hate guns, but well, Lara would never be without them, these were freebies from a friend and are actually 'Han Solo' Guns so lasers, not bullets! I love the opportunity to piece to together the perfect look for the Daily contest events at the club.

Tomb Raider [Jan.06/08]

Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed (Tone 20, Gloss-Neutral)
Eyes – Decollage, Hazel Eyes
Hair – Curl Up And Dye Salon, Lara (Black Shades)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Classic 10)
Costume – DE Designs, DE Raider Ladies
Boots – Beckenbauer Prod., Women’s 16 Eye Docs Oi! Docs

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