Friday, September 12, 2008

To The Butt Cape!

Look Of The Day [September 9/08] 1

There are some days, when you just don't know what to wear, skirt or pants? Well fear not fashion crusaders, for the Butt Cape will save the day! On my last trip to *i-Candy* I spotted this handy garment, and thank goodness for the demo version on the wall or I may have past on my new favorite fashion trend. I say embrace the Butt Cape, here in Black and Leopard Print, make it your friend, it will cover your ass when the going gets tough, or just come along for the ride when are having bootie-ful day. All kidding aside, a great option when you want to layer and add interest, and it served as the inspiration for this whole look. The *i-Candy* Butt Cape comes in about five color options, so go check them out. I threw on a pair of great Black Zippy Pants from WRONG, as well as the WRONG Moto Jacket, going with black basics to keep things simple. I also tinted up one of the /artilleri/ Zee Tank Tops to match the caramel colour of the Leopard Print in the cape.

Look Of The Day [September 9/08] 2

The neck of the Moto Jacket seemed somewhat unfinished, unless I lost some prims along the way (it happens with my bulging inventory), so I threw on the fabulous *Muism* Crinkle Scarf in the small size. I always recommend buying white versions of scarves and other accessories if they are mod, I tinted this one up black, to match this look, but it could be made to match anything, and it is like getting a fatpack for the price of a single item. Not everything tints up as easily, some sculpties have baked textures that make it difficult, but in many cases, you can tint to match. I had been dying to get these amazing Canimal Boneyard Voodoo Stilettos on my feet. How sexy and sinister at the same time, the sharp pointed toe and dangerous looking heel are brilliant for my Butt Cape crusades, and look like weapons of mass seduction. This All Colors pair is scripted so you can match them well with a lot of looks. The little skulls and bones made me snap to the perfect hat to match this look, the ::69:: Succubus Hat in Black and Leopard was made for this outfit. This adorable wee chapeau is adorned with bows, flowers, hearts, and a friendly boney pair of lovers, fresh from the grave. This hat on it's own is a statement piece, but somehow it works well with this whole pieced together look, and ::69:: does some great accessories. My wrists felt a tad bare, so I added on some great Heartwood Bangles from -EARTHTONES-, the Gold accented set comes with two versions, and I chose one of each to mix things up a bit.

Look Of The Day [September 9/08] 3

This hair was another "New-To-Me" discovery from the Hair Fair, as I had not been so lucky as to encounter Novocaine Hair before. This Sildete style is great choppy and shaggy wig, and yet smooth enough on top to work with a hat, which is always a plus, so much of my great hair is not "Hat-Friendly". Note to self, wear more hats. Cake Bedroom Lashes frame glossy Glassy Mustard Green Eyes from Freak Fantasia. Skin is PXL Crys, with Dark Eye make-up and Coffee Kissed Lips, a lovely skin, and the eyebrows are one of my favorite parts. So now I will get my outfitted self back to the Butt Cave to think up more awesome ways to wear the Butt Cape, until then Citizens of the Fashion Planet, I bid you farewell.

Shopping Details:
Jacket – WRONG, Moto Jacket
Pants – WRONG, Zippy Pants (Black)
Tank Top - /artilleri/, Zee Tank Top! *FATPACK* (White, Tinted)
Skirt - *i-Candy*, Butt Cape (Black/Leopard)
Scarf - *Muism*, Crinkle Scarf/White_small (Tinted)
Shoes – Canimal, Boneyard Voodoo Stilettos (ALL COLORS)[Review Copy]
Hat - ::69::, Succubus Hat (Black/Leopard)
Bracelets - -EARTHTONES-, Heartwood Bangle Set, Gold (L – Plain Large, R – Studded Thin)
Hair – Novocaine Hair, Sildete::DarkV1 (Licorice)[Hair Fair]
Skin – PXL, Crys_DarkEyes_CoffeLips_BlackEB [Review Copy]
Lashes – Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green Eyes

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Arabesque said...

Great mix and match job as usual Jhuzen. there's also a really good hair-piece at WildO that works with these Canimal shoes :)