Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shout, Shout, Get It All Out...

Look Of The Day [August 22/2008] 1

Sometimes, it seems like the whole world is against us. Real life issues hit us hard, we struggle to find a place to hide for a few short hours a day, only to find or virtual lives can be just as harsh and stressful. I don't mean daily, but sometimes things all happen at the same time, and you just want to scream and shout and kick and fight, but find you lack the energy to do anything but shut down. I have always been the person who stuffs down the hurt deep inside, taking things out on myself, my health suffers, and this goes on until I literally become an emotional wreck. When it all starts to break down, when I feel like a raw nerve, and even the slightest thing can set me off. This is a personal flaw, not anyone else's fault, I just wish there was another way to let things out. Sometimes I wish I was the type of person who could rant and rave, and curse and shout. This T-Shirt from Naughty Designs has been in my inventory forever, but today was the appropriate day to blog it, because sometimes I wish I had the guts to tell people that they have hurt me before it builds into this giant thing that implodes. The KMA Tee is my way of saying something I couldn't voice on my own.

Look Of The Day [August 22/2008] 2

T-Shirts and jeans just go together, and these great Jenny Jeans from []::TULI::[] are just the sort of scrubby grungy thing I adore. The hole in the butt is my favorite part, but the cuff is also great, and I love the button detail on the front. I stopped by Gritty Kitty last week and picked up this adorable Mr. Skully Necklace. How cute is that! He has a little mustache, and the pack comes with three colour versions, I picked out the Blue this time, and decided to go with yellow accents to compliment the few bright yellow links. I went with this steal of a belt from .+*aya V.*+., the Color Belt comes in a bunch of great colours, and if I remember correctly, it was less then $50LaLas, a total steal. I went with the (Yummy) Found Hearts Bracelet that is scripted to colour change, and finally had a reason to wear the bright and fun Jellies shoes in Neon Lemon from Fashionably Dead. I had shoes like this in the 80s', they killed my feet and gave me little cuts, but damn I was stylin'. I also opted to wear my favorite AITUI Shooting Stars Half Sleeve Tats, have always loved these for their worn-in look, they just work with a t-shirt so well.

Look Of The Day [August 22/2008] 3

This hair is another great one from (JUNWAVE), the Pineapple is adorable, love the height, love the twisted braids on one side, really a funky and fun style that required very little prim tweaking on my part. The skin is another great Canimal Essence Skin, this Earth make-up is really lovely, a great smokey eye and neutral lip. I think my favorite part of Canimal Zephyr's skins in the unique shading on the cheeks, with make for a great looking cheek bone. Bedroom Lashes from Cake, and **[Riddle]** Realistic Brights Eyes in Brown. Today just might be the day I feel ready to Shout and get out all my frustration, be forewarned, I can be very loud when I mean to be!

Shopping Details:
T-Shirt - Naughty Designs, KMA Tee
Jeans - []::TULI::[], Jenny Jeans Blue
Shoes - (fd), Jellies (Neon Lemon)
Belt - .+*aya V.*+., Color Belt *yellow
Necklace - Gritty Kitty, Mr. Skully Necklace BLUE
Bracelet - (Yummy), Found Hearts Bracelet Gold
Tattoos - AITUI, Shooting Stars (Colored) Half Sleeve *faded*
Skin - Canimal, Essence (Grace)... of Earth
Lashes - Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Eyes - **[Riddle]**, Realistoc Brights (Brown)