Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fly On The Wings Of Love...

Look Of The Day [August 9/08] 2

When I was a little girl, I would have the strangest flying dreams. I didn't fly up in the sky, I sort of hovered about a foot off the ground, as if I was lying on my tummy. I distinctly remember a dream of flying that way down the stairs, I can't even imagine what that means. In any case, most people have dreamed of flying at one point or another, it accounts for a lot of broken arms on seven-year-old boys, and as Dwight from "The Office" puts it, to paraphrase, "My Second Life is Exactly like my First Life, Absolutely Everything is the Same, Except I can fly". It is only natural to want to have wings in-world, and the variety of wings to be had is truly astounding. Everything from Gothic to Fairy, Butterfly to Avian, and every colour and feature imaginable. My favorite place to buy wings has always been Material Squirrel. I simply love the features, and the designs are stunning. This pair of Flux Green Dark Fairy Wings was the perfect pair to wear to a recent "Winged Wonders" Event at PIN UPS. I adore the stained glass look, and the colour is so brilliant.

Look Of The Day [August 9/08] 1

I wanted to really go for an almost Harajuku look here, and started with these great Orange Lush Jeans from Eat Rice!. I love the drawing on them, it reminds me of high-school when I spent most of my time doodling on my jeans instead of paying attention. I have been dying to wear this Canimal Mmm Lemon! Top, and I love putting citrus colours together, so I loved working this adorable tube top in with the green wings. To echo the wings, I put on a Zee Tank Top from /artilleri/, I tinted the White one to match the trim on the top and the colour of the wings. I threw on another fabulous pair of shoes from .:Periquita, I love that Erpla Prieto gives me such great colour choices, and these Beda Sandals in Yellow are really cute, the heel shape is really nice too.

Look Of The Day [August 9/08] 3

The colour perfect -EARTHTONES- Lushwood Necklace and Earrings in Spring are really a perfect match here, and really give the look a lot of interest. I pulled on a set of the ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~ Sculpted Sugar Gold Gem Bangles and set the Gems to Emerald. I figured that while in flight, a purse my not be the most aerodynamic of accessories, so I went with this great Skull Porch Belt from ::MEZZO****. Look at the cute itty bitty skull dangling from the zipper, kitsch is joy in my world!

Look Of The Day [August 9/08] 3

The adorable wig is one of my latest finds at **DP**yumyum, simply titled 01 in Sesame Black, I love the little bunnies on either side of my head, just a really sweet uncomplicated style. Lashes are from Celestial Studios in the Classic 10 style, eyes are Glassy Mustard Green from Freak Fantasia.

Shopping Details:
Wings – Material Squirrel, Flux Green Dark Fairy Wings
Jeans – Eat Rice!, Orange Lush Jeans
Bustier – Canimal, Mmm Lemon! Top
Tank Top - /artilleri/, Zee Tank Top Short (ushirt layer) [*white, Tinted Green]
Shoes - .:Periquita, Beda Sandals (Yellow)
Necklace, Earrings - -EARTHTONES-, Lushwood Necklace (Spring)
Belt - ::MEZZO::****, Skull Porch Belt (Stomach, M)
Bracelets - ~*FBG*~, Sculpted Sugar Gold Gem Bangle [Review Copy]
Hair – **DP**yumyum, 01 (Sesame Black)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, (CS) Prim Lashes (Classic 10)
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green Eyes
** All Items Purchased Unless Otherwise Stated **

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Anonymous said...

The reason that Little Rebel doesn't get mentioned more in Fashion Feeds, which I've seen you question more than a couple times, is because they don't give out freebies, or pander to Bloggers.

I've spoken with the owner/designer several times, and although she seems to read and even refer to some of the blogs, (yours included) she insists that she doesn't ever give out review copies to anyone.

Her reason being, "My customers deserve any freebies I hand out, not people who rely on freebies to advertise my products.. If they aren't worth paying for, they shouldn't be worth reviewing, right? I respect the Bloggers, but I prefer to show my appreciation to those who actually support my business and enjoy my wares."

I don't know how many blogs actually review items without receiving freebies, but yours seems to be her favorite, regardless. I guess it's just a matter of what style fits you best, and she likes your style.