Friday, August 8, 2008

Mocha Coffee Kiss

Look Of The Day [August 6/08] 1

This look came together when Hart Larsson of PXL Creations surprised me with a review pack of his lovely skins this week. My sister, Anessa Stine, has been wearing, and raving, about PXL Skins for some time, but I am really hesitant to try new skins because I am not going to modify my shape to suit, they either work for me, or they don't, and I get so many review skins that I can't possibly wear them all. I was curious to see what the new Crys skins would look like on my shape, knowing that Anessa looks amazing in them, and not wanting to look too much like her. We are identical twins in RL, an I have had quite enough of looking like someone else for one lifetime, thanks. But when I tried this lovely Dark Eyes Coffee Lips skin on, I was wowed. It looks like me, it has a lovely realistic complexion, and some of the most beautiful pouty full lips I have seen to date. And guess what, I don't look like my sisters avatar! To finish off essentials, I went with a great short cropped hair style from Aden, this Tori style reminds me of Joan Jett circa 1985, and I am practically camped on Aden Breyer's pixelated doormat waiting for new releases. Eyes are from Freak Fantasia, and flirty Bedroom Lashes are from Cake.

I decided to stay with the warm coffee tones, and went with some lovely separates from Armidi. The {Gisaci} Hoja Top in Copper, paired with the Mocha Brindisi Slacks are are a winning combination. Armidi does separates so well, and the colour choices are so numerous, you can really customize your look. But what makes shopping at Armidi a no-brainer, is that their accessories tie into their collection so well. This [Armidi Gisaci] Gordie Print Bag in French Feather is endlessly useful, as it has so many great warm tones to pull from. I also threw on a pair of the Dhali Bow Platform Shoes in Bole, also from [Armidi Gisaci], as the colour and sheen match the top so well in this look. Side-stepping the Armidi Effect, not wanting to look like one of their mannequins, I pulled in a great belt from Paper Couture, a low prim beauty from the Boho Summer Outfit a few seasons back. I think it nicely pulls together all the bronze and coffee browns in this outfit.

Look Of The Day [August 6/08] 2

The amazing jewelry I am wearing is all part of the Wood Metal Collection from *PERSONA*. Myllie Writer sent me a fat-pack of this set in all three metal colours, but I simply adore her work in this Bronze texture. I love the delicate oval looped Necklace and Earrings, and the matching Bracelet, worn here on my right wrist. I love the Myllie offers a wonderful set of Large Bangles in this collection, worn on my left wrist. I love to have jewelry that matches, but I am not a fan of head-to-toe matchy matchy look. The two different bracelet options worn on my wrists make the look more polished and natural, I don't know too many women who wear the same bracelet on each wrist in RL, and this Wood Metal Collection from *PERSONA* is just one of the examples of the great jewelry work Myllie is doing now, and her attention to detail is magnificent.

Shopping Details:
Top – {Gisaci}, Hoja Top (Copper)
Pants – {Gisaci}, Brindisi Slacks (Mocha)
Shoes – [Armidi Gisaci], Dhali Bow Platfroms (Bole)
Purse – [Armidi Gisaci], Gordie Print Bag (French Feather)
Belt – Paper Couture, from Boho Summer Outfit
Necklace – *PERSONA*, Wood Metal Collection (Chest, Bronze)
Bracelet (L) – *PERSONA*, Wood Metal Collection (Large Bangles, Bronze)
Bracelet (R) – *PERSONA*, Wood Metal Collection (Bracelet, Bronze)
Earrings - *PERSONA*, Wood Metal Collection (Earrings, Bronze)
Hair – Aden, Tori (Black)
Skin – PXL, Crys_DarkEyes_CoffeeLips_BlackEB
Lashes – Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green Eyes

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Ana Lutetia said...

Agreed! I don't change my shape to suit the skins. The PXL are soooooo adorable and look stunning on them.