Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Little Runaway

Look Of The Day [August 23 /08] 1

I have been watching the development of Bare Rose Tokyo since my earliest days in-world. I remember my first trip there, someone took pity on my and my tiny LaLa Balance, and teleported me into this huge building, walls covered in hundreds of vendors. It was overwhelming, but the fashion were decidedly Japanese or Gothic in influence. I picked up a few items, marveled at the unbelievable prices, and made a landmark to be sure I remembered to go back. I had pretty much forgotten about Bare Rose until a Gothic event came up several months later and I needed a costume. I headed back, only to find more fabulous choices, now spanning all sorts of styles. Soon came Bare Rose Couture, and now the offerings are nothing short of magic. There is literally something for everyone, be they Goth, Anime, Traditional Japanese Costume, High Fashion Looks, and now Grunge and Neko Styles. This Bare Rose Runaway Girl Ally outfit is one of the reasons they have stayed relevant and more worth a trip over. It is incredibly detailed, the accessories, the system elements, the options, and the whole look can be broken down to use the parts you love.

Look Of The Day [August 23 /08] 3

The belt alone, with the sweet doll, the rolled up magazine, bit and bobs, and the great little purse would have been well worth the price of this whole look, but here you get two version of the tank top, several options with the pants, not to mention the necklaces, bow tie, gloves and scarves, and the bangles and buttons on the shirt, all prim wonders, utilizing sculpties to great advantage, as well as standard prims. Bare Rose now offers a whole series of looks like this, and they can all be worked well with each other, I think the whole outfit, which comes boxed, and is transferable, cost less them $200LaLas, and you really cannot go wrong. This Runaway Girl look is adorable, it looks as if I am carrying all my worldly possessions with me, and what Runaway would be complete without her little lost puppy? This adorable Back Teacup Poodle from Wynx Whiplash is a adorable friend to have on the streets, he is fiercely protective, and will bark and growl when someone touches him, a girl on the run needs some protection. I pulled on the foot portion of these great Frangipani Designs Vixen Boots, I just love the angle of the boot base, the steep heel.

Look Of The Day [August 23 /08] 2

This amazing skin is another gem from Canimal, the Essence of Frost skin has a soft blue tinted lip, and brilliantly dramatic eye make-up. I also love the dark brows, which I find is the one thing that really gets me when skin shopping. The hair is another gotta-love-it from (JUNWAVE), the Pompadour has great height in the front section which really helps to elongate the face. Prim Lashes are Celestial Studios Classic 10 Style, and Eyes are [Detour]'s Delta Eyes.

Shopping Details:
Outfit - :::B@R:::, Runway Girl Ally
Boots – Frangipani Designs, Vixen Boots (Black Widow)
Dog – Wynx Whiplash, Black Teacup Poodle (Depoz Specialties)
Hair – (JUNWAVE), Pompadour_OliveBlack_L
Skin – Canimal, Essence of (Grace)… Frost
Lashes – Celestial Studios, (CS) Prim Lashes (Classic 10)
Eyes – [Detour], Delta Eyes (Hazel)

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