Friday, June 20, 2008

Tonight Live Announces "Best Shopping District" Choices

On June 14th/2008, Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe Announced it's choice from the received nominations for "Best Shopping District in SL". I was unable to be at the Live Taping of the Show as we had an event going on at PIN UPS, and didn't realize I hadn't heard who won till this morning. I checked out the TONIGHT LIVE Blog to find out who won. The Nominees...
Tonight Live Announces Winner...
"We also announced the winner of our Best Shopping District in Second Life! and the winner was the Best of SL Boulevard a simply gorgeous shopping mall with everything on offer and an all round spectacular build really something quite out of the ordinary we just couldn't go past that one! So we will be taking the show to the Best of SL to film there! Congratulations go to owner Frolic Mills and his team. the other runners up were in number 2 place Retrology a great 1950's sim with all your favorite 1950's style shops we all loved that one! very quirky and lovely to spend time in. Then at number 3 we had To the Nines the LBD Baxter sim, really lovely atmosphere and of course featuring LeeZu Baxter's shop really a lovely job!"
You can read the complete details on the TONIGHT LIVE Blog Here!

Congratulations to Best of SL Boulevard, the Judges Choice. I am thrilled that Retrology was recognized, and placed second in the votes. Mostly, we are very honored to have been among such exceptional company in the list of nominees. Retrology will be celebrating it's 1 Year Anniversary on August 3rd/2008 - And we have a lot of planning to do. We are thankful for all our Vendors, Tenants, Staff, and Patrons that together make Retrology the wonderful experience it is.

Also, keep your eyes out as we will be announcing details for the next SIM WIDE BASH on Retrology very soon, and it is certain to be a blast and a half!

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