Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Simply Red

Look Of The Day [May 27/2000] 1

When the dress code calls for red, I dive into my inventory and see what comes up under the search for the colour. I always see if there are hits in my *NEW* Items folder first, and lo and behold, there it was. This fabulous (seriously cannot think of another word for it) Laika Dress from ~~Ivalde~~ is so well crafted. First off, the skirt is insanely cute and almost tutu like, made from sculptie ruffles, and is just so wonderfully textured. Then there is the one sided sculpted shoulder, which is so bang on trend right now, but this dress has almost an 80s' fabulous feel to it. It comes with the great printed tights, images of faces, in black shadow on white almost Warhol-like. Neferia Abel endlessly fascinates me in her ability to create wearable art, she has such skill and dedication to her work.

Accessorizing was tricky, because red is one colour, but comes in a million shades. I started with my shoes, and opted for these adorable Kitties Lair Francine Mary Jane's in Red with Silver Accents. These were review copies dropped on me when my sister Anessa over at On Your Toes told the creator that I might like them. I don't just like them, I love 'em! The are just such statement shoes, they are a little chunky, a lot funky, and have adorable touches like the laces with the metal tips. I went for a little more of a pinked up look with these great Leather Ring Wristbands from ETD. I have had them for over a year, so I am not certain Elika still sells them, but she should, they are so well made, particularly because they are not sculptie prims. For earrings, I chose these ToRiCo Earrings, that have a caged crystal heart, I believe they are from kikis closet, but the naming was a bit confusing to me. Well worth finding though, they are a bit goth, but a lot interesting. I literally went out in search of the perfect bag to wear with this dress, and after hitting a few of my favorites, finally happened upon this amazing Wrist Chained Clutch from Muism. I think the texture and the colour are a perfect match to the ruffled and ruched dress.

Look Of The Day [May 27/2000] 3

Yay for new hair! Picked up this great wig at *0 Style* (Zero Style) on my last trip over, Yuuya in White is a great shaggy style, I love the one untamed curl on the crown, so cute. The skin is my favorite Red Lipped Celestial Studios make-up, Red Dusk, from the Charmed Line. I particularly love the subtle smokey eye shadow. Big Hazel Eyes are from Miriel, and Love Lashes from [Detour]. What started out as a simple search for red, became simply fabulous!

Eyes – Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Hair – Zero Style, Yuuya (Whites, Silver)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Skin – Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Red – Dusk)
Bag – Muism, Clutch (Wrist Chaine, Red)
Wrist Bands – ETD Extras, Leather Ring Wristband (Crimson)
Shoes – Kitties Lair, Francine Mary Janes (Red/Slv)
Earrings - ::kikis closet::, ToRiCo piercing [RED]
Dress - ~~Ivalde~~, Laika Dress (Red)

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