Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Fashion Planet Feed...

This post may not be popular with everyone, but I have seen drastic changes going on on the Fashion Planet - World of SL Feed and I am not entirely sure they are positive. Please feel free to COMMENT, I will post all comments received, I want to know if you agree or disagree.

In the last few weeks, there have been dozens of new Blogs added to the feeds. I say WELCOME! I am always happy to see new content and hear new voices. I think it is absolutely necessary that the feed list is updated and these blogs get their place among the hundreds of others. There are some on the feed list that have gone dormant, or are no longer valid addresses, so NEW is good.

I also want to say that even though I waited about 6 months, posting every day to my personal blog before getting added to the feed, I have no issue with brand new bloggers with only a few posts showing up on the feed. I don't run it, it is not my place to decide.

What I do have a problem with, is people not respecting the fact that the feeds are a very busy place, and though the audience for them is relatively small, I get incredibly frustrated when people:

A) Repost of the Same Entries Day after Day for Weeks on end. I mean WORD FOR WORD same pictures, repost after repost with titles like "What's New @ [Insert Store Name Here]. For daily consumers of the blog, this is a real turn off.

B) People repeatedly posting NON-FASHION RELATED information on the feeds. I am not talking about things like "I am getting disillusioned with SL" or "My RL is preventing me from posting", or "I am having problems with the new viewer, my computer, etc." that is related in my mind. I am talking about things like posting a Non-SL related survey or fad that is going around, and everyone on the feed does the same thing at the same time, clogging the feed and choking out the Fashion related content.

C) People not using "CUTS" for incredibly picture intense posts, or even worse, people breaking up a single posts into DOZENS of smaller posts on the SAME DAY, meaning they dominate the feed with 10 posts in one day, and you can hardly find any other bloggers posts on the feeds. This is tantamount to "Boggarting" the feeds, taking them over for your personal use, and it is very much like SPAM.

D) People posting Fashion Shots, Images of Clothing and Accessories with NO CREDITS what-so-ever. I don't mind if the SLURLS are not all present, but if you aren't even able to say who made your clothes, you are not giving credit where it is due and it is just frustrating.

E) People CHANGING THE TIMES on their posts, so that they remain at the top of the feed. We each get about 24 hours on the feed, and that is pretty darn generous considering it is a free service for bloggers. I just think it is unfair to fiddle with post times to remain on the top of the heap.

F) New Store Blogs added to the feed that then list EVERY ITEM they have ever made in the same day. Please, break it up over a few days at the very least, it is just overload. Again, like SPAM.

The reason I am posting this, is simply because I can not imagine I am alone in this. I just want people to understand that when I see one of the above things happen, it does not cause me to stop and look at your posts, what it usually does is cause me to scroll right on by, and perhaps after repeated incidences, avoid reading your posts entirely in the future.

As a blogger that almost entirely BUYS what I wear, and does not openly solicit Review Copies, I am not only a blogger, but a CONSUMER of the Feed, and possibly a CUSTOMER. You may not realize how much you may be turning off your potential customers when you do one of the above things, and I am sure that would not be your intention.

Again, I welcome any COMMENTS. If you disagree, tell me why you feel differently. If you have another pet peeve to add to the list, please do.

Thanks for reading.
~ Ketsy


E said...

thank you for saying some things that have been on my mind recently.

As a reader, it's annoying to see the same posts at the top of the feed all day long. Come on, most readers will read/skim/scroll all the way down the feed until they come to what they saw the last time they visited, you don't need to be on top all day to be seen.

As a reader, if one post or a series of same day posts dominate the feed, I tend to not even read past the first few photos anyway. If you are a store, show me your best stuff, make me want to visit your shop to see what else you have to offer.

As a blogger, from a totally selfish perspective...if you push me off the end of the feed with your excessive posting, I prolly wont shop at your store!

it's about respect:
Other shops and bloggers want to get noticed,too. So play nice, you know "Do Unto Others" and all that.

Anonymous said...

What is the answer? Police the feed?

I am under the impression that those who are overusing the feed as a marketing tool will weed themselves out eventually, simply due to the fact their offerings are not that quality or others realize what they are doing to manipulate the feed.

Leave it alone, it will sort itself and things will quite possibly return to normal. Or the alternative, which is to tag those blogs you respect and read on a regular basis and forego the feed altogether.

You have valid points, but lack in one area, offering solutions.

Just call me Ari said...

Just... yes.

OK, the line between promotion and self-indulgence or sheer selfishness can be blurred. But today, I'd say there was no question which side of that line some things fell on.

Thanks for speaking out. I think it was time somebody did.

Just call me Ari said...

Just... yes.

OK, the line between promotion and self-indulgence or sheer selfishness can be blurred. But today, I'd say there was no question which side of that line some things fell on.

Thanks for speaking out. I think it was time somebody did.

Nicole Bourne said...

You have said what I have been thinking, over the past few weeks. When I read the feed, I read until the last post I read, but now that people are REposting the same blog, I pretty much have to read the whole thing to see if I've missed anything.

I read Fashion Planet for fashion, and items pertaining to fashion...I don't need to see the same outfit/dress in 35 different pictures in one post...showing off different poses.

Also, like E said, as a blogger I want to get noticed too, but its extremely hard to do when your lost in the shuffle of really long picture heavy posts.

Dove Swanson said...

Totally agree with just about every point posted!

I just wanted to mention though, some of those What's New @ suchandsuch posts are done that way because of the ..What's New blog.

The thing with it is that a shop blog and the What's New blog both can feed to the big feed...but each have their own audience, so people (myself included) tend to keep posting to both. I try to spread my posts between my two blogs out some, and sometimes I will wait to post to the What's New blog and give it more of a "this month" kind of post but then you run into the "mega huge post" problem. lol.

It'd be cool if you could check certain blogs and have them removed from the feed - without having to create your own blog line feed anyway.

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

@ Sunshine

I am not suggesting editing or policing, to me those are not solutions, that is Censorship.

My point in this post was not to seek a solution. I was simply saying that to me, those issues I highlighted make it harder to get the information you (the blogger) might be trying to send out on the feed. If you are turning off your target audience, then you are not doing yourself or your business any good.

If you only blog for your own personal enjoyment and don't want readership, and don't give a flying fripp about what anyone thinks or even if people read your blog, why be on the feed in the first place?

I am just hoping that people might read this and realize that respecting the feed and the others who use/enjoy it, is good for all of us.

I am not sure that "Leave it alone, it will sort itself" is an opinion I would recommend in general. We all know that there are a lot of instances where people sat back and waited for things to sort themselves out on their own to the ruin of themselves or others. I am not sure that without individuals commenting on this issue, that it will work iteslf out in the end. I think that my opinion is valid, and perhaps might be useful or make people think about how they wish to present themselves. That was my only goal.

~ Ketsy

Sasy Scarborough said...

Im going to comment on each a, b, c etc because thats just coincidence that A) refers to something I am involved with.

A) whats new is actually the name of the blog , which I own. The blog was started with the intention of having a place to post in notice like format for those that had no interest at all in the feed, to visit and just see what is WHAT's NEW for those stores.

No Drama No Hype no what they ate for lunch , just info and pics on their latest releases. It also ended up being a much needed blog that for at least 50 of the 100 posters who couldnt get their blogs on the feed, which meant they didnt have access to as many customers as everyone on the feed does, so two birds one stone.

The fact that some stores are now on the feed and so they double post is not and shouldnt be so traumatic, its not intended to fill the feed , its them posting on their own blogs and then posting on the other they have access to,
What's New actually only has a slim percentage of traffic from the feed, the rest of its traffic is searching store name or fashion SL etc etc.

It has also given some that are too shy and inexperienced in blogging and marketing, a place that they didnt feel pressured to 'perform' as I said notice format, simple and easy, that some stores have a blog on the feed post their info on both same time of the day and it hits the feed on both is just what is it, two different blogs connecting to a feed.

Also in the rules when they join it is suggested that they space it out, that way if it is a double post for them it doesnt hit at same time, and gives them more benefit by reaching a different audience the second time. But designers are busy and if the dashboard is there with both blogs available a copy paste makes it less time consuming for them. If a store was double posting on their own blog then thats a bit odd but again its a different blog that happens to go to the same place, with Tao's permission as it made his life a bit easier in between adding.

B) The blogs are personal and business blogs, but the people writing on them are people, if they want to play games do whatever sure it gets nails on a chalkboard annoying at times but think of it in terms of community, the fact that everyone is doing it, just shows how a part of each others lives we are.

C) Cuts havent been working for the feed for a long time, thats an issue with the feed itself , as for the cutting up part, some of us have huge posts to do, sometimes you have to consider that it needs to be broken up; because RL happens, or the fact that the box you post in is so small that it ends up so hard to manage the size of your post at all.

As for posting more than once , again these are people posting on their own blogs, the feed is just that, a feed, a tool; it is not the be all and end all.
The fact that it runs off is bad yes , but to say people should stop posting on their own personal blogs because it effects something that is supposed to move, is like asking people to stop creating. As for boggarting the feed lol well thats just funny, I am all for raising my hand to say ive done numerous posts in one day , many times.
But that has to do with me needing to get posts done and actually having the time to do it in that one day, because i dont have 48 non deliveries or five fashion shows or 36 customers iming me about where something is in the store , and if it means that i can show items in numerous posts that in some way may benefit a store that may or may not have provided me with the items, then I will, because again I am blogging on my blog, in my time.

D) Fashion Shots are just that Fashion Shots, again their own personal blog and im sure if asked where the item was from they would tell the person asking, if Tao has allowed a fashion shots blog on his feed that is his choice. I think that the purpose of fashion shots blogs is for the ability to show you a look, and then you go on to achieve that look yourself , not clone it as such, its just a different way of blogging, and being creative.

E) Times changing , are you positive about that , I am in australia so I hit the top of the feed often as Im a day ahead of everyone , that I think is a technical thing , but I also know that I have posted in the american am and been IM'd in the past and told a store has since changed locations , or that another designer made part of that outfit too and edited that info in to keep it accurate and zoomed back up to the top again, it could just be a case of that happening, and again a feed, so updates to the blogs on that feed will mean the feed picks it up again.

F) again sometimes that is a glitch of the feed, I have seen stores blogs added and the feed picks up every singe post they have had running, but again a feed and if the newer blog wants to say hey this is me i finally got here, then why is that wrong ? their latest might not be anything of interest to many but their last few releases might be exactly what 100 people are looking for , if they did it every single day , then sure something is going on , but if it happens once then so what.

Many bloggers have their own readers, people that do not care or have never even heard of fashion planet, they are loyal to that one blog or a few blogs that they bookmark and read with gusto, to ask people that have those readers to do things differently is unfair on many levels.

"As a blogger that almost entirely BUYS what I wear, and does not openly solicit Review Copies" thats awesome that that works for you, it doesnt work that way for everyone, some people get sent dozens of boxes and folders a day, and if they can find the time in their day to do as many posts as possible then thats awesome, thats more devotion and attention to a store that might just need that extra push towards many readers.

I will never stop blogging as much as I can in any given day, and I am sorry if that annoys you so much, but I am not blogging for you Im blogging for me, Im also blogging for the people that stop me when I am out and tell me they love my post or that they went and bought everything from that one store I showed a few days before, Im also blogging for the joy I get when designers who think no one knows them get so excited in my IM box after they realise I have blogged them.

Again I am a day ahead of most people that blog, and the fact that I am in world probably 16-20 hours every day 7 days a week often means that my two days of posting my time is actually still the same day feed time, in any 24 hour cycle many bloggers can do more than one post and not actually be in the same day for them.

Anyway as usual I wrote more than the blog size itself, but rather than go to sleep like planned its now 4am and Im all hyped up and its your fault :P You owe me sleep lol.

xox sasy xox

Pheobe Petrov said...

Hi Ketsy. Thank you for posting this, I've been feeling the same way and wondering if I might be the only one. It's nice to know that someone else is feeling the same way.

I think bloggers (especially new bloggers) may not realize that they are doing some of the things you pointed out. I know that when I was new to the feed, I was guilty of doing things just because I had never really blogged before and just didn't realize.

Yes, I know that in some cases it might be intentional, and I think we all can tell the difference. I know that when I see creators who post one big picture heavy post of pretty much everything in their store, it makes me not really want to ever visit their store. But, that's just my opinion.

I love the feeds and I love being on it. I love all the creativity and hard work that people put into their posts and I wouldn't change that for the anything, but I do know that some of your points needed to be discussed. Maybe by you posting this, people might be more aware of how their posts do affect readers of the blog.

Candy Lemmon said...

I haven't noticed some of the things you mentioned, like word-for-word re-posts, but it may be because I'm skimming or not reading those blogs for the very reasons you mention.

The staying at the top of the feed thing was a mystery to me, I thought it was a bug until this post. I agree, it's pretty selfish. Some of the other listed peeves though seem to be a matter of taste - how many pictures is too many? When is a cut appropriate? If you're reviewing a skin, do people care who made the earrings? (I would always say yes, but I know some who disagree)

The multiple posts is a new one on me too - How does a blog break a single entry into more than one post?

I've gotta say, I generally agree with the more critical things you have to say, and this was an interesting and provocative post.

Anonymous said...

@ Ketsy:

My opinion is just as right as yours. Please realize that when you open yourself up to suggestions and opinions; just like assholes, everyone has one.

Making someone's opinion seem wrong (as you did to mine) and then restating your right to your opinion is rather shoddy journalism.

Best of luck with your discussion if all you are looking for are opinions and no solutions. Rather pointless, eh?

Ana Lutetia said...

My thoughts about blogs in general:
* in blogger you don't need to change date in time to be in the top of the feed; you simply need to republish
* cut option only works in Wordpress 2.3; in the newer versions (of WP - mine, for example), the cut options doesn't do it's job. Also, blogger doesn't have a cut option and even if you change CSS the cut doesn't work.
* a blog is a personal thing (in my opinion). People should do whatever they want with it.

My thoughts about Fashion Feed:
I agree with some of the issues you brought up but I also believe in constructive criticism and hope that people could learn after seeing someone else's opinion.

Melanie774 Kidd made a great post about similar issues. Easy way would be that people would create a feed only for fashion, using categories or tags and using feedburner or a RSS that you could control. But, then again, not all have the same opinion of what they want to show off in the feeds.
Since everyone has a different opinion (or else you wouldn't have such different blogging styles around), the best way is for everyone to create their own fashion feed. (Something I have been working for a while, BTW.)
If everyone had their own feed everyone would be extremely happy.


Kalia Meiklejohn said...

I was thinking something similar the other day, I remember an obscenely long post and I ended up skipping over the whole thing, I can't even tell you what it was about.

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

@ Sasy
"As a blogger that almost entirely BUYS what I wear, and does not openly solicit Review Copies" thats awesome that that works for you, it doesnt work that way for everyone, some people get sent dozens of boxes and folders a day, and if they can find the time in their day to do as many posts as possible then thats awesome, thats more devotion and attention to a store that might just need that extra push towards many readers."

**I didn't mean review blogging was a problem, I love them, helps me shop! I only meant I can see that as a consumer, the feeds can be overwhelming when there are so many of the particular issues I spoke about all going on at once.

@ Sunshine

"My opinion is just as right as yours. Please realize that when you open yourself up to suggestions and opinions; just like assholes, everyone has one.

Making someone's opinion seem wrong (as you did to mine) and then restating your right to your opinion is rather shoddy journalism."

**You are absolutely entitled to your opinion, and I sincerely appologise if I made yours "seem wrong". I don't think it is shoddy journalism at all to attempt to clarify one's own opinion.

Also, I don't think every dialog is a search for a solution. This was just an attempt to see if I am the only one that feels this way, apparently I am not, but also to see things from the point of view of others.

@ All

** I realize that they "What's New" Blog is a separate issue, I didn't mean that blog in particular. Nor was I intentionally referring to anyone's particular blog. I was talking about the feed in general. Just my impressions and observations, and my questions and yes my opinion too.

If I didn't want feedback, I would not allow comments, but I do becuase I think when you make a post like this, people naturally have feelings about them that they are equally entitled to make.

~ Ketsy

Achariya Rezak said...

I think these are decent rules for getting into an aggregate.

However, if I was forced to choose between changing the nature of my posts (in which I frequently write about non-fashion issues) or remaining on the feed, I'd say screw the feed.

I understand that these rules are to keep the feed a "shopping" list, but I think it should be understood that SL bloggers are bloggers first and commercial representatives second. I'd much rather visit people's sites individually to read interesting (and undisciplined) posts than to read what essentially amounts to a shopping list.

I'd say be careful about how you word the bit about what content people can post on their blogs. My first impulse as a rebellious little soul is of course to break each and every rule.

That being said, I'm glad you raised these points -- it's your feed, you get to control what goes onto it.

Ana Lutetia said...

{Rambling 2}
Blogging is a new thing and the blog styles around the world vary from country to country. First, people started to do HUGE posts and over the years the posts became smaller and smaller as the amount of information worldwide has been also growing. Nowadays, I prefer small posts in fashion posts but if I find a good writer with an enourmous post I will read it all. Hey - blogs started as been journals/diaries.

Blogging isn't journalism, at all. I feel uncomfortable whenever people refer to me as the press of SL by looking at the blogs I write in (English and Portuguese).

I also hate highly pixelized photographies in fashion blogging but then again people have to learn and improve themselves.

Allegory Malaprop said...

I would love to actually use cuts. But blogger...doesn't do cuts that actually WORK. If you find out how to do that, I'd love to know, but I've only seen the css way that doesn't do jack on the feed, and is therefore useless.

Wordpress cuts have been on and off broken. While it's better as it actually has the option, it hasn't been reliable.

The problem with forcing things off too fast...isn't just with multiple posts, there's just plain an insane amount of traffic because there is so much out there (however, yes, I am irked by multiples too). I don't believe there's a way to read a second page of posts, and that's one of the things that I miss the most from iheartsl. It was also great in that you could tag posts to appear on the feed, and not tag others (and that's why there are some places that ought to be here that aren't, as they feel they post too many off topic posts for the feed).

Maybe that's the way blogger works for you, but it isn't the way it works for a lot of people. I know people who can (and do) edit posts and don't budge in the feed (and prefer it that way, as they are also irked by the bumping to the top), and get posted in the feed by time (and often 10 posts below older things). Another case of blogger being wackily inconsistent, I suppose.

'Kota Buck said...

I agree with a lot of what you've mentioned (except that I, like Sasy, am Australian and posting something like 18 hours ahead of SL time. Nothing we can really do about it.)
I basically just ignore most of the feed, do a quick skim to see if there's anything of note and move on. I think as more and more people are blogging or blogging for vanity others, like me, will stop reading. It will work out for everyone - the bloggers can blog whatever and only the other people who like that will read.

Anessa Stine said...

It makes me want to rip my flexi hair out by the prims when I post my cute little review of someone's items, complete with carefully edited image(s)only to find it shoved down to the middle of the feed, below things that have been there since the night before. I 'get' the whole world timezone hullabaloo that seems to plunk things based on your own day and time but is there no way to set the blog on a post as received format to one specific time zone? Oh hey, why not SLT people!

The shoved down effect is compounded by stores who feel they need to post a picture of every item they have ever released as a 'hey this is me!' party once they get added to the feed. For the love of shoes, show me your best and I'll come see the rest. Show me it all... I'm gonna scroll right on by that puppy... and fast.

I do not mind seeing some personalized posts, or ones that bring up important issues... even ones that have very little to do with fashion. But common courtesy suggests that if you want to see yourself as an M&M, or see if you look like Angelina Jolie... you aren't doing me any favors by spamming the feed just because everyone else is doing it, post those goodies on your flickr account and save room on the feed for more fashion related fare.

I don't buy the whole, 'it's my blog and I'll post whetever I durn well feel like!' excuse either, we are on the feeds to be read and hopefully offer something valuable to those who honor us with a few seconds of their time. You cannot convince me that your 'Love Score' is something you thing the casual feed reader really gives a flying poop about.

I appreciate Kets bringing this topic up once again, her arguments seem reasonable and no one of us should pish posh on it just because she hasn't offered concrete sollution atm... let's remember that opening a dialogue is useful too... if only to vent... and say words like 'poop' which I never really get to say over on the shoe blog. :))

Sasy Scarborough said...

another thing i remembered, and I am not 100% certain but I do think its true from experience.

IF you start writing a post on blogger, at say 2pm and you realise you have to add more pics, or you end up having to run off to the store etc , if you dont hit publish until say 5pm the feed actually allocates it to where it should rank at 2pm , again I am not certain of that , but i've seen it happen, also like when people save as draft and finish writing the next day and wonder why they are down the feed.

lets also acknowledge one major thing too, there isn't a line , we don't take a number and hit publish when it is our turn.

if you post a blog post and you go to the feed and find it ten down from the top , maybe consider that ten people pressed publish moments after you did from all over the world, and that you being ten down , is where you are supposed to be working with the next next next thing, it updates roughly every fifteen minutes or so , sometimes longer , but again if the time zone is ahead of you , they can still end up above you.

Sugarr said...

Just want to say certain types of cuts are not being respected by the feed aggregator. This is not the fault of the poster, but of the aggregation script which has not been updated, in as far as I am aware ever.

Also, as I recall, any attempt to "do it better" so far has failed so obviously this means of pulling together as many types of fashion blogs in one spot works about as well as can be expected. If it's my blog, I have the right to post how and when I want. You have the right to scroll past it.

Zaara Kohime said...


i'm ever thankful to Sasy for the Whats New blog. There are tons of designers who couldnt get on the feed for ages, and this blog was the only one which allowed us to showcase our work.

while unecessarily long posts can be a bit annoying, i dnt think its as bad as whn sumone manipulates the feed on purpose

This has been on my mind from the last two weeks when i noticed a couple of blog entries which kept making their way to the top. i would notice this as some entries which were below mine, would suddenly pop over my post after about an hr. there will be no changes done to the post.... hmmm

Jhuzen@ What this post will hopefully do is make bloggers aware that ppl who read the feed are not dumb and notice if u are tryign to be too smart. So they'd stop doing it anyway :)

Sasy Scarborough said...

ok im annoyed now, I posted my M& Mmmm post at 3am this morning, I then posted the hair fair thingy at around 2pm give or take 30 mins either way, the hair fair post dragged my 3am post back to the top as it was same day post , its now 10pm I just went to read the feed and I am at the top, I HAVE NOT touched my blog since 2ish except to add a blog link to my side bar about 20 mins ago , I dont know where I was before that , i didnt look (i wish i had now ) but also now my hair fair post has detached from my M& mmm post which is way lower on the feed where it should be.

I also just read on SL blogger and the post made me giggle a bit , that one blogger on Ihearts has not seen her posts on the feed at all and thought tao was picking and choosing what got on the feed post by post , I made sure she knew that wasn't the case , but if her posts aren't showing and other posts are jumping all over the place , have we considered there maybe something wrong with the feed ?

and if adding a blog link to your sidebar re-ads you top of the feed then thats all together crazy , and means anyone doing anything to their blog , changing layout , adding blogs , side bar stuff etc , normal day to day activities unrelated to posting could be thought of as up to no good , thats awful

I have to say though that I'm also upset that I have two posts I need doing as in pics taken etc, and haven't because of this post which SUCKS that i should feel like i cant post

xox Sasy xox

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...


I am so sorry that this whole thing upset you so much, really it was not aimed at anyone in particular, please don't let it affect the way you blog and how often you blog.

I am beginning to think the feed is glitching. I was talking to my boyfriend about how it works yesterday, how you set up a feed, and asked him if the way it pulled in new posts was similar to casting a net and pulling in the new stuff it finds. He laughed (lil' bit) cause I am a dork. And as a web developed launched into this whole explanation about how these feeds work, and what is needed to host one. He basically said that the likely blogs individually are coded somehow to signal the feed that there is new content that is then picked up, kinda like calling the UPS guy.

I wonder if just like calling the UPS guy, they don't always come directly to the first place that called them, they make a circuit, and end up in the same place every time. No idea, just guessing.

Again, sorry Sasy that this all has frustrated you so, you are to kind, generous, and dedicated to let this make you feel like you have been responsible for anything I mentioned. I rather suspect that there may be a glitch in regards to your blog, or the feed in general.

~ Ketsy

Sasy Scarborough said...

i thought about that before i finally fell asleep , the idea that every time it refreshes the feed , updates so to speak , it actually looks for anything on every single blog on that side bar, so if anyone has done maintenance on their blog or anything in that time bam it refreshes.

Im also sorry I got upset , because even though I said its personal and we can do what we need to do etc, the idea after of doing the posts I needed to do, seemed to me like I was saying stuff you, when that wouldn't have been it at all, so then couldn't.

I think maybe we just have to scroll, read what we want to, and if things appear up top or down bottom its just what it is, also I wondered last night at all if anything can be pushed off the feed in a 24 hour period ?

xox Sasy xox

Thema Felix said...

[side thought]
what sorta stinks is having a blog that has never been added to the feed (for a reason shrouded in mystery) despite a few requests. But perhaps my blog has too many "non-fashion" posts since it's my blog about what is important to me and fun. Fashion just happens to be my big hobby and interest, and nearly every post has credits and SLURLs. Perhaps it's just too serious or wordy for the skimmers ;) I'd love to try it out to see! haha...

Anyway, I agree with many of your points, except the ones caused by uncontrollable technical issues (I really hate cuts not working in wordpress posts).

One of my personal pet peeves is when a designer makes a new blog post for every version of an item... not even posting all the pics in a bloated single post--no--they have to flood the feed with that one item. That doesn't make me want to buy it; it makes me want to avoid it!

:) cheers, Kets

Ana Lutetia said...

@Allegory Malaprop
Yes, blogger had too many issues for me but I am not a coder or a blog geek. (I just been blogging for a few years now.)
My favourite platform was Movable Type. Now, I have to say is WordPress self hosted. It's amazing all the options you have.

@Jhuzen Ketsugo
From what I heard you can use a Planet site, like FPSL, or you can add a plugin into a self hosted WP blog,like ihearts was. I believe the problem is that you have to have a good machine to run the blog/feed because of the hits.
(I have been thinking about this for a while and asked my service provider a few questions about it;) )