Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's All In The DEtails

Look Of The Day [June 2/2000] 1

I remember the first time I wandered up the curved path toward the enormous DE Designs store, I had never seen a building that big before, and when I finally made it inside (I rarely fly, cause I am a klutz and don't like watching my avatar bash into walls) I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume and range of DoC Eldritch's work. It was the first real looking clothing I saw, and the details were so impressive. Over a year and a half ago now, but DE has been around since 2005 and still is some of the best. I have had this outfit, Carine, for several months. I just think it is elegant, a little bit Nashville Chic (if that is even a term) and really wearable. It comes with both this long skirt as well as a pair of slacks. I love the corset like waist, very pretty.

The details of the outfit really called for some casual simple accessories, like this Black Pearl Set from Paper Couture, which look great with the open v-neck of the top. I also pulled in a basic black bag from Paper Couture, so happy to have this Boulevard Bag in my inventory, and the mini-duffel look is really a hit this season. The shoes are the brilliant Black Diva Heels from Tesla, a cross between vintage and couture, and really great in a whole rainbow of colours. Also wearing Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire from Caroline's Jewelry and a favorite cuff from Frangipani Designs, the Black Pearl & Silver Cuff makes my pearl loving hear soar.

Look Of The Day [June 2/2000] 2

This hair was something I had to grab the minute I heard Elika had a new release after about a month's absence in-world. It was worth the wait though, this Celia style is another lovely example of ETD's fabulous casual up-dos. When I say it was worth the wait, I am particularly referring to the new shoes and boots Elika released, I think I bought 6 pair on that trip, and would have kept going had I had the cash to spare. I will be showing some off soon.

This skin was a must have for me, and I had been meaning to get over to *QS* Skins to check them out ever since I received a few freebie gift *QS* Skins from the bianca F. group subscribe-o-matic. I swear getting the lovely free skins was the surest way to get my LaLas spent, the freebies were flawless, and I fell in love with the smoky eye and wanted a red lip version. Would love to see more releases in the *QS* line, and with the opening of the new Velvet SIM this week, I have high hopes! Cake's Bedroom Lashes flutter above Freak Fantasia Glassy Mustard Green Eyes.

Shopping Details:
Dress – DE Designs, Carine
Bag – Paper Couture, P.C. The Boulevard Bag (Noir)
Shoes – Tesla, ‘Diva’ Heels (Black)
Necklace & Earrings – P.C., Black Pearl Set (Blingy)
Bracelet – Frangipani Designs, >FD< Black Pearl & Silver Cuff
Ring – Caroline’s, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Skin - *QS* Skin, Milk – Dark 001
Hair – ETD, Celia (White)
Lashes – Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green

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