Monday, June 30, 2008

Candy Girl...

Look Of The Day [June 20/2008] 1

Bubble Gum colours and candy cuteness, this look is all about bright fun flashy childhood playfulness. When I first spied this adorable dress from AOHARU, it was on my sister Anessa, and I knew I wanted one too, but just like in RL, we never get the same colour, so I opted for this brilliant Purple in the aptly named Girly Twins Dress. The sculpted pockets on the hips are so cute, making in much more then just a plain mini-dress. I opted to pair it with some leggings, and my favorites by a mile are these Shiny Magic Pants from Fashionably Dead. They are a silver spandex like legging, that can be tinted to hundreds of unique colours to match anything, fully copy & mod do you can save your favorites. I did mine a brilliant girly pink, but if you want a great pair of leggings that will take you the distance, these are must haves!

When ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~ Introduced the Jelly Tots Collection, I nabbed the 50% OFF fatpack, netting me the Brights, Muted, and Greyscale version of this adorable necklace, earring, and bracelets set (also can be purchased individually). All of the pieces come in a box with Silver, Gold, and Copper version, it is literally dozens of options. This is the Brights set in my favorite Silver settings, what makes them addictive as candy is the fact that when you click on them, the colours all shuffle randomly to get you unique combinations each time. Yummeh! I also was looking for the perfect time to pull in my Tasty Bag from Paper Couture. Tasty... Candy... I am on a roll! The shoes are the adorable Laque in Aqua from Storm Schmooz, a great solid pump with a nice shape and a welcome pop of colour.

Look Of The Day [June 20/2008] 2

I love quirky cute hair, and this Ava style from Dernier Cri is so sweet, choosing a colour is the only difficulty with hair from -DC-, as the hud makes it awfully tempting to experiment with all the great shades. These Flamenco Trash Lashes from Canimal are so fabulous and girly, with black and hot Pink lashed together, they are fluttery and fun. Skin is the pixie faced Acrilik from bianca F., and Hazel Delta Eyes from [Detour] complete my look. I think my 6 year old niece would go nutty for this one, it was fun to be all sweet and girly for a change.

Shopping Details:
Mini-Dress – AOHARU, AOHARU_BT_TwinsGirlyDress (Purple)
Pants – Fashionably Dead, Shiny Magic Pants (Tinted Pink)
Shoes – Storm Schmooz, Laque (Aqua)
Bag – Paper Couture, P.C. The Tasty Bag (Bleu)
Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets - ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~, Bright Jelly Tots (Silver)
Hair – Dernier Cri, -DC- Ava
Skin – bianca F., fata2-ivory-acrilik
Lashes – Canimal, Essence Lashes – Flamenco Trash (Pink)
Eyes – [Detour], Delta Eyes (Hazel)

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