Thursday, June 19, 2008

Looking For Atlantis...

Under the Sea [June 8/2008] 10

I wear a lot of costumes in-world, it comes with the territory when you DJ and Manage for a club with Nightly Costume Events, so when PIN UPS recently had an "Under The Sea" event, I opted to shun my normal goofy scuba gear, and look for a spectacular mermaid costume. Time being limited (isn't it always?), I hit SLX and came up with this extraordinary Japanese Green Tea Mermaid by Sala Snook of KAMI-HITOE. Mermaid costumes have come a long way since I bought my first almost 18 months ago, and this one is so beautiful. I love the Kimono style, the way the tail looks like it has strand of Seaweed wrapped around it, it comes with the gloves, matching nail polish, and the flexi tail looks so life-like when combined with a Mermaid AO. If I knew the proper name for the Bustle like sashes that wrap the waist on a Kimono I would happily use it to describe my very favorite part of this costume. The sashes and flexi ties and the waist are incredible.

Under the Sea [June 8/2008] 4

I decided to take this one out of the studio, and into the sea where I could get some really interesting shots. I landed in the Elorian Gardens, a lovely little underwater playground with poses and dances and all sorts of lovely underwater plants and animals. I really did feel every bit the Daughter of Atlantis.

Under the Sea [June 8/2008] 7

Every mermaid should have luminous, flowing hair, and this Silk II style from Laqroki was perfection. The flexi strands look lovely with movement, and it almost looked as if I was actually underwater when moving. I chose to wear a lovely skin from La Sylphide I picked up as a Limited Edition as some point, perhaps as a Relay For Life Item. So I am unsure as to whether or not it is still available, but I will say that skins from La Sylphide are lovely in general and well worth a look. Eyes and Lashes are from Celestial Studios.

Under the Sea [June 8/2008] 8

It was really lovely to get out of the studio and explore a little, something I should try to do more, particularly when it involves a beautiful costume meant for a specific setting. Now back to looking for that lost Kingdom of Atantis, as a girl who loves her pearls, I will have to keep my eyes open on my journey.

Shopping Details:
Mermaid Costume - :KH: Japanese Green Tea Mermaid by Sala Snook
KAMI-HITOE, Japan 10 (19,232,26) [Bought On SLX]
Hair – Laqroki, Silk II (White)
Skin – La Sylphide, Ltd. Ed. Liliana Skin, Almond (Smoky Shadow)
Lashes – Celestial Studios, Prim Lashes (Classic 10)
Eyes – Celestial Studios, (CS) Optics – Natural Series (Hazel)

Location: Region – Bellagio, Elorian Gardens

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Candy Lemmon said...

I never would have guessed there was a kimono-inspired mermaid out there! That sort of makes me day.

The sash that binds kimonos is called an "obi". :)