Friday, March 13, 2009

Meat The Pin-up

Look Of The Day  [March 12/09] 4

Had a blast tonight at the PIN UPS "Eat Me!" Event, an edible costume contest. I was stumped as to what delicious designer duds to wear, when Apathia Hammerer, designer of Pig, reminded me she had sent me over copies of her Hamkini and Bacon Wrap suit. I had forgotten her sending them, and had a good giggle at the time, so I tried on the Hamkini and it was an instant yes, in the way that only meat garments can be. I felt a little exposed in nothing but ham steaks, and felt it was a little close to my skin-tone to look entirely wholesome, so I threw the Bacon Wrap suit on underneath the Hamkini, and viola, we have the vintage meat pin-up look of my dreams! It's a lot shocking, and someone commented that it looked like I was wearing my insides on the outside, but I thought it was entirely hilarious, and the absolute height of edible fashion. Never has an ensemble so far from kosher looked so delish!

Shopping Details:
Swimwear - Pig, Hamkini & Bacon Wrap
Shoes - Kitties Lair, Peep Mules Kewt! Aqua Gold
Earrings - /artilleri/, bead hoop earrings
Necklace - Decollage, Bubblegum, Pearl Necklace (Tinted)
Brow - ITF, Brow Dual Ball Piercing by Lyric Meiji [No In-World Location Found]
Hair - /artilleri/, Sarah Jane (Black)
Skin - -AnaLu-, *In Rainbows* NAT 10 .greenish.
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Lashes - MMS, Thora Lashes [No Location Currently]