Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Groovy is in My Heart

I have been re-kindled a love affair that began over a year ago when I first began my SL Fashion Passion. "BareRose Tokyo" had been releasing some amazing looks lately, going far being their Goth and Asian inspired looks, to embrace costumes, steam punk, street punk, neko, and retro wear. As always, the work is incredibly detailed, with so many options in every box, and transferable too. But perhaps the very best part, the LOW PRICES! I honestly have no idea how they do it, maybe the sheer volume of sales, but I rarely have paid over $250L for anything at "BareRose".

Always on the Look-Out for retro inspired looks that I can wear to my Era Music Events when I DJ at PIN UPS Night Club, I fell instantly in love with this groovy little 'Psychedelico' outfit from "BareRose". It comes complete with headband, bangles, 4 different colour option for pants, a Necklace, this adorable halter top with Prim ties, a belt (not worn), and I think it may have come with shoes too. It is a complete look in a box, and it makes getting dressed a breeze. I can see wearing this top this coming season with other look, even over a swimsuit, and the bangles are very pretty and wearable in general.

I threw on this Fabulous "Aden" 'Farrah' wig for the ultimate big and wild 60s' Era Hair Look. I am again wearing one of the new 'Canimal' Essence Skins that have be seriously contemplating a chance from my usual 'Celestial Charmed' Looks. It is really just a lovely skin, and now that Canimal Zephyr has released new funky make-ups, the urge to switch is even stronger. I love these "!Boing Fromage!" sandals, and they always bring authenticity to any Hippie or Boho look. I was feeling really Groovy and Ready To Party!

Look Of The Day [Mar.12/08] 2

Look Of The Day [Mar.12/08] 1

Eyes – Celestial Studios, (CS) Optics, Natural Series (Hazel)
Hair – Aden, Farrah (White)
Skin – Canimal, Essence (Grace)...of Simplicity (w/ Med Sharp Arch Brows) [Review Copy]
Outfit – BareRose Tokyo, Psychedelico (Punk Pants, Top, Necklace, Bangles, Headband)
Ring – Caroline’s Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire
Shoes – Boing Fromage!, Studded Leather Sandals (Brown/Brown)

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