Monday, May 25, 2009

A Certain Shade of Green

Look Of The Day  [May 23/09] 1

It's no secret that green is my favorite colour, it is my mother's favorite too. I was visiting my parents yesterday and went out into their amazing backyard, complete with Koi Pond and Waterfall, Fairy Garden, fruit trees, and an amazing array of wildlife. While there, I saw some colourful birds working away at the feeders, a groundhog scuttling across the lawn, and several fat green frogs sitting on the rocks beside the Koi Pond, catching all those annoying mosquitoes. The frogs are pretty spectacular, brilliant green and it gives me hope that we haven't entirely destroyed the environment as of yet. My parents live just north of Toronto, still in a busy Suburb full of the urban sprawl that is taking over and leaving less green space and more animals homeless. They live in close proximity to a creek, and I think that is where their many visitors are coming from, this includes a pesky mink that ate more the half my fathers expensive huge Koi fish last year, and wild rabbits that have made a home under the deck. Not to mention a pair of Racoons that regularly visit in the night. Green is the colour of that backyard right now, and it is so nice to see after the long Canadian winter. Green makes me feel like that new grass, the leaves on the trees, reborn in a sense. When I wear it, I am happy.

Look Of The Day  [May 23/09] 2

I loved this DP*yumyum Candy Pop top in Green the minute I saw it, it comes with three options for the prim attachment part, this is the longest, and can be a perfectly sweet mini-dress, but I decided to pair it with some spectacular Zaara: Jewelled Jeans in Indigo. Speaking of which, Zaara: is having a sale as we speak, it lasts till June 1st, so get shopping! The shoes are the adorable ETD Heel-Strap Platforms in Emerald, I picked them up for s song at the last ETD sale, the Leather Bag is from Pampered Princess, in this great golden Honey colour.

Look Of The Day  [May 23/09] 3

I was waiting for a chance to wear this amazing Pansy Stained Glass Windows Necklace from *Wallflowers*, I picked it up at the last Jewelry Expo, organized by Miriel Enfield. The bracelets are by ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~, absolute favorite for their customizable gems, the Sculpted Sugar Gem Bangle Set in Gold. I am also wearing a ring by the darling Kesseret Steeplechase from *KessKreations*, the Antonia Ring is also scripted so that you can select the metal and gem colours.

On to essentials, and this essentially brilliant Felicity style from ETD, a soft and beautifully romantic wig, with a really lovely single shoulder sweep. The skin, complete with lovely green eye shadow is another -AnaLu- *InRainbows* skin mod, I am simply in love with them, in case it has escaped notice. Hazel eyes are from Miriel, and lashes are the Thora set from MMS (now LeLutka).

Here's hoping I see many more green things, especially those frogs in that certain shade of green, all summer long and for many many years to come. I hope you see many things of green in your summers too, and find the happiness that nature can bring, It really is such a centering thing, to be out in the grass and hear the water splash over the rocks, and hear the birds sing, and know that there is something beyond the computer screen that is worth seeing and saving.

Shopping Details:
Dress - DP*yumyum, Candy Pop (Green)
Jeans - Zaara:, Jeans {jewelled}, Indigo (Straight Leg Version)
Bag - [PP], Leather Purse (Honey)
Shoes - ETD Shoes, Heel-Strap Platforms {Emerald}
Bracelets - ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~, Sculpted Sugar Gem Bangle Set - Gold
Necklace - *Wallflowers*, Stained Glass Windows Necklace & Earring Set (Pan)
Ring - *KessKreations*, Antonia RH Ring
Hair - ETD, Felicity - Blacks Pack (Smoke)
Skin - -AnaLu-, *InRainbows* NAT06 .Bgreen.
Lashes - MMS (now LeLutka), Thora Lashes
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)

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