Friday, May 22, 2009

Cargo Cult

Look Of The Day  [May 12/09] 1

Sometimes, I just have to get out of the fancy dresses and go with a little bit of funky grunge. It's hard to believe that these amazing Bare@Rose Black Lowrise Heavy Cargos, which come in a pack with at least four colour versions, are only possible since the introduction of sculpted prims in-world. I could not have imagined it two and a half years ago when I first rezzed into my Second Life, but sculpted prims are now the norm, and content creators are using them in some of the most ingenious ways. These pants have seven, yes seven, sculpted prim attachments to make them look so incredibly real, flexi ties,pockets, and a belt with a pouch on it are all part of the wow factor. With such a great lowrise pant, I opted for a simple tummy baring Camo Crop T-Shirt from Little Rebel, which is unfortunately now no longer available since it's recent closing. A huge loss in my mind, it was one of the first stores I discovered, with the help of a list of favorites from Antie (Antonia Marat).

Look Of The Day  [May 12/09] 3

I dug into my large folder of review copies, and re-discovered this great Chicago Bag from House of Heart. I love this bag for a few reasons, one, because it sits to the left side, which is for some reason less common, and also because it fit so well even with my large, well, boobs. It is a great looking bag, and I didn't even realize that House of Heart did more then hair, shows you how out of the loop I am. I wore a great Natural Gold Bead Ring from Caroline's, and one of the fabulous wrist bands from Emery. The shoes are the a brilliant pair of AKEYO LowTop Chucks, the scripting and colour options are amazing, the texturing is perfection, and they are great for guys and gals alike.

Look Of The Day  [May 12/09] 2

Today I made my last trip, I am afraid, to the amazing Miriel. As I mentioned in my last post, Miriel Enfield is planning on closing up shop soon, and taking her amazing jewelry, eyes, and other creations off the market. It is incredibly sad for me to see such an icon among SL content creators choose to close her doors, depriving us all of her amazing work. I stopped in today to buy a few more of Miriel's brilliant eyes, and her lovely Gibson Girl wig. Please don't miss out on visiting her shop and island, even if it is just to look around. I am wearing a pair of her Hazel Eyes here, and she has dozens of lovely eyes, which can be purchased individually for only $50LaLas, or available in great 4-packs for just $125LaLas.

The Hat and Hair combo is a favorite from Mirai, the .+*Lack*+. style comes with this great texture and colour changing hat, and I love the long wavy dark locks. Skin is an -AnaLu- mod, this is the *inRainbows* Natural tone skin with the .brownish. make-up. I love the way the MMS (now LeLutka) Thora Lashes look with the -AnaLu- skins.

Shopping Details:
Top - Little Rebel, Camo Top Pack (Camo Crop T Shirt)[No Longer Available]
Pants - :::B@R:::, Lowrise Heavy Cargos (Black)
Bag - House Of Heart, Chicago Bag (black, Ver.1) [Review Copy]
Shoes - AKEYO Shoes, Chucks LoTop
Wrist Band - Emery, Old School Wristband Pack
Ring - Caroline's, Natural Gold Bead Ring
Hair/Hat - Mirai, .+*Lack*+. (Black)
Skin - -AnaLu-, *InRainbows* NAT13 .brownish.
Lashes - MMS (now LeLutka), Thora Lashes
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)

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