Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Week 15: Flickr SL™: Look Of The Day Winner

The Week 15 Winner for the Flickr Group Second Life - Look Of The Day, is this adorably spunky submission from Juushika Redgrave. Not only is it high time we had a weekly winner that was Neko, but Juushika has pretty much done my job for me, by detailing how this look came together and why it is so special. I am going to let Juushika's own words, found in the description of the picture, describe to details of the look. As you can see, all the credits are given to the individuals that toiled away to bring these amazing finds to us all, and even though the look is made of several Freebies or Retired items, a good look is always blog-worthy in my opinion. I also wanted to add that Juushika made this skin and has moded so many of the prim items in this look, it shows real skill. Juushika wins the $500LaLa Weekly Prize, and a big round of appaws (corny me!).

SL Outfit 5/4/08
by Juushika Redgrave

SL Outfit 5/4/08

In the game Second Life, I play the avatar Juushika Redgrave.

I adore this outfit, even though it's somewhat unusual for me. I actually started with the undershirt, which is a high-waisted shirt from Artilleri with prim cuffs. I found that it looked wonderful under long-waisted short-sleeved shirts, giving the appearance of layered long sleeves that had been pushed up. There were a number of tshirts in my inventory that looked great, but I decided on this one, and old (and probably retired) freebie from Paper Couture, because I've always wanted to wear it. I chose shorts to keep the outfit light and warm-weather friendly—this pair is from G.L.A.M.. The shoes are a wonderfully cheap pair from Darkstar. The texturing isn't exceptional but the price can't be beat, and they are mod/copy, which gave me the chance to remove the prim socks and make a second larger pair for my boy av.

I rarely wear short hair, but I do love this adorable style from Kin and I thought it suited the shorts and tee quite well. To break up the gray scale outfit I wore a brightly multicolored bracelet from Gritty Kitty, but went without other accessories in order to keep the style comfortable and light. The expanse of bare skin is a good chance to show off the freckles and birthmarks on my Another Skin mod, which I've grown inordinately attached to.

Shopping Information:
Over Shirt - Paper Couture, Couture Alt Tee (Freebie)
Undershirt - /artilleri/, Heidi Black (Retired)
Shorts - G.L.A.M., "Golden Apple" Jean Shorts (Chalk)
Shoes - Darkstar, Via Hightop Black (Modded)
Eyes - Nora, Gaze (Cat Gold)
Skin - Juushika Redgrave, Another Skin Mod [HOMG That's Awesome!]
Hair - Kin, Ash (Orange, Tinted)
Lashes - Sin Skins, Ferra Lashes (Top Only)
Bracelet - Gritty Kitty, Snake Charmer Rudra
Glasses - Persenickety, Kelly
Collar - Amethyst, Amethyst Collar (Slim, Hidden)[No SLURL Found]
Whiskers - Gritty Kitty, Plenty Black Whiskers
Neko Ears - Anisa @ OTCR, Anisa's Neko Ears [Modded to Include Industrial Piercing by DEEKS)
Neko Tail - Hybrid, Kitty Black Tail Long (Retired)

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