Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Sale Sew Good... Get Out Your Thimbles!

Thimbles is Having a BIG FAT SALE at it's Retrology Location Only!
Everything is 50% OFF Until Monday, May 5th/08 @ 5pm SLT!

Melatonin Hax, one half of the Dynamic Duo Behind Thimbles hit me up in an IM to let me know they are having a big 50% OFF Sale in their Retrology Location ONLY! I decided to put some of my Favorite Looks From Mel and her partner in crime Apathia Hammerer on Display! Since they are two of the most hilarious people in-world, I decided to get a little goofy too!

Thimbles Sale On Retrology [1]

Thimbles, Better Off Inside Poofy Dress
Thimbles, Zelda Hat, White Knitted with Peach Flower

Thimbles Sale On Retrology [2]

Thimbles, Mad Ave Jacket
Thimbles, The Jones Sunglasses
Thimbles, Charm School Grey Plaid Skirt with Ruffles

Thimbles Sale On Retrology [3]

Thimbles, Head Strong Socialite Sunglasses
Thimbles, Way Too Blue Wool Skirt
Thimbles, Debbie Does Jacket

Thimbles Sale On Retrology [4]

Thimbles, Dame Edna Sunglasses
Thimbles, 2000 Calories A Day (Como Oro)

Thimbles Sale On Retrology [5]

Thimbles, Zelda Hat BW Plaid with Blue Flower
Thimbles, Blanche Black V Neck Dress

Thimbles Sale On Retrology [6]

Thimbles, Lemon Sugar Poofy Dress
Thimbles, Summer Lovin’ Sunglasses

Thimbles Sale On Retrology [7]

Thimbles, Gia Black Sunglasses
Thimbles, White Dress And Hat

Thimbles Sale On Retrology [8]

Thimbles, Banned From The Roxy (Mix &Match Tops)
Pants – D!FF=>, Black Stripe*d Jeans

Remember, Sale Items Are ONLY Available @ Thimbles Retrology!
In All:
Eyes - [Detour] Delta Eyes, Hazel
Skin – Canimal, Essence of (Grace)… Poison
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Hair – Aden, Charlize Long (Black)
Bracelet - Yummy, Found Hearts Bracelet
Shoes - =DeLa=, Namid Sandals Black


Kristine said...

Lovely outfits! =]
I went to the store and I couldn't find that orange dress you have on. It's called 2000 Calories A Day (Como Oro). Is it not included in the sale? Thanks! =]

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

Hey Kristine,
You know, it actually may not be at the Retrology Location, I picked it up in what was "Chetty Buttons" but I think that location may have disappered yesterday (See Shoppinh Cart Disco Blog for Details). I was working from the dozens I had in inventory already. Try the Starlust Motel Location of Thimbles, It may not be on Sale, but the Thimbles Gals always give you a great deal, sale or not. I will as Mel or Apy if the can put one out on Retrology as well. Sorry, I know it wasn't very clear that I was just working what I already owned rather then what was specifically available in the SALE. My Bad....
~ Ketsy