Friday, May 2, 2008

Golden Paridisia

Look Of The Day [April 29/2008] 2

I tried to resist the urge, I fought it... for as long as I could, but heck, let's face it, as much as it is over-blogged and everywhere, Armidi makes great clothes that I covet. So when my sister Anessa finally said "you are coming now", and dropped a pile of $LaLas on me, I gave in and went to see what was new at Armidi. The result, this fabulous Paridisia w/ Bleu blouse and high-waited short set. The colour is what got me, as it normally is when i shop. I gravitate towards show stopping brights I don't have the guts to wear in RL. This set, with the sculptie ruffled collar is simply brilliant, and of course even though it comes as a set, can be work as separates in dozens of ways.

With a bold statement in this Orange blouse, I opted to mute down the accessories and keep them neutral. I adore these amazing sandals from *HUB*, they are bang-on current trends, with an interesting heel, and amazingly crafted textures. The Venus Sandal, here in Sand, is a fabulous shoe and if I didn't show a heck of a lot of restraint, I might have snagged it up in the half a dozen other colours it comes in. I chose a hot handbag from Adam N Eve, and really, I am so over the matchy-matchy purse and shoe thing, as long as you stay with warm metallics this season, you can mix up the tones with great success. This Burlington bag has such an interesting shape, I adore it. A set of gold Sculpted Sugar Gold Gem Bangles from ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~ is a nice simple touch, and the Scripted 12 True Gem Colour Option make them so versatile. Indeed the ~*FBG*~ shop on Retrology is OPEN as of today, with a bunch of Fresh Baked Goodies on Display, I hear that clothes are coming later this week. I am also wearing some great Full Moon Earrings from {JUNK}, and tinted them gold to go with this look.

Look Of The Day [April 29/2008] 1

This is NEW to me hair from KIN, and I hadn't been in a white and had forgotten how much I love their wigs. The Mairi in White is very shaggy and chic, I love the up-combed back of this style. Skin is biancaF., aptly called Oro in the Fata line, Ivory tone. The make-up options with these skins are great, and though the lips have the same pout in each on, the drama is all in the eyes with perfectly chosen lip shades. Detour Love Lashes, of course, and my still favorite after all these months Glassy Mustard Green Eyes from Freak Fantasia make up the body essentials. So I am ready to head out for a stroll in Paradise, and like that Spandau Ballet song, I am "Gold". (Remember: DJ First, Fashion Addict Second).

Shopping Details:
Eyes – Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green
Hair – Kin, Mairi (White)
Lashes – [Detour], Love Lashes
Skin – biancaF., fata2-Ivory-oro
Bangles - ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~, Sculpted Sugar Gold Gem Bangle Set (Touch Scripted Gems to Ceylon)
Blouse, Shorts – Armidi {Gisaci} Dans la Ville, Paridisia w/ Bleu
Shoes - *HUB*, Venus Sandals (Sand)
Bag – Adam n Eve, Burlington Handbag (Gold)
Earrings - {JUNK}, Full Moon Earrings [Tinted Gold]

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