Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Silk Near Midnight

Look Of The Day [May 24/2008] 1

[MG Fashion] is one of those shops that I have loved since my sister Anessa (aka. The Sleuth) discovered it out when it first opened. I love bright colour, I love having a million delicious choices, and I love watching a shop grow from a small collection, to a reliable and consistent fashion house, where I always find something I love. On a visit a few weeks back, I picked up this fabulous Silver Lake at Midnight set from The Silk Collection. I was a stand-out, not the usual thing I was expecting from [MG Fashion], just the one colour choice, this fabulous charcoal grey, and it is just so soft looking, with a really brilliant sculpted leg. It includes the black tube top, the vest, and the pants in 2 styles.

I decided to go edgy with it, opting for some wild hair from Mirai, this Tori style is so fun. I actually meant to buy it in white, but I think a packaging issue delivered it to me labeled as white but it was a dark blond, so I tinted it black. I opted for the sexy Double Peacock Skin from bianca F.'s Fata line, for some real eye drama, and added Cake's Bedroom Lashes for some added sex appeal. Eyes are Miriel's Big Hazel Eyes, total favorites for the lovely tones of brown and green in the iris.

Look Of The Day [May 24/2008] 2

I had been waiting for a chance to wear these fabulous Black Tesla Athena Open Toed Stiletto Boots, they are damn sexy and so well made. I went with a simple Key Stud Earring from ::M-C-H::, a great Freebie I picked up a few months ago. For a necklace, I chose this layered Tear Drop Chain Necklace from Swallowtail. I have to say I am never disappointed with my purchases from Swallowtail, I want everything in the store and have to practice some serious restraint when shopping there. I decided this was the kind of look that could go really couture chic, so I added some Davenport Weathered Velvet Gloves from Argyle, and a fabulous bag from Paper Couture whose purses are a must have for the sheer range of fabulous colour and style options, as well as their more then easy on the wallet prices. This is one fabulous Silky look, perfect for club hopping near midnight.

Shopping Information:
Eyes – Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Lashes – Cake, Bedroom Lashes
Hair - Mirai, .+*Tori*+. (Blond, Tinted Black)
Skin – bianca F., *bf* fata2-ivory-double peacock
Gloves – Argyle, Davenport Weathered Velvet Gloves (Charcoal)
Outfit – [MG Fashion], The Silk Collection (Silver Lake at Midnight)
Purse – Paper Couture, P.C. Le Sac (Zebra)
Earrings - ::M-C-H::, Key Motif Studs [Freebie]
Shoes – Tesla, Athena Open-Toe Stiletto Boots (Black)
Necklace – Swallowtail, Tear Drop Chain Necklace

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