Friday, April 10, 2009

Cry Me A River...

Look Of The Day  [April 9/09] 1

Sometimes you just need to have a good cry. It's so hard to get the face of an avatar to express emotion. Sure you can get an Emoter HUD, an often passed about full perms item, but it has a limited range of mostly comical expressions. It is often the skill of the pose maker, the lighting, the angle of the eyes that allow the appearance of emotion. Then often some post processing, be it Photo Shop, or a similar graphics program, is often the way we add emotion to our in-world snapshots.

Look Of The Day  [April 9/09] 2

But what if you want a straight screen shot, are unable to post edit, or need to express sadness in an in-world event, drama, or show. This is where the remarkable Kala Bijoux of Material Squirrel has given me yet another reason to adore her. Her new Real Tears scripted attachments can give you the look of tears without any post-processing. The unit attaches to the face, and if you click on it you can customize the look of your tears (highlight transparent items is helpful to find it and adjust it's position).

Look Of The Day  [April 9/09] 3

Whether tinting the teardrops, adjusting the number of drops, or the speed that the drops fall, it is a really interesting and unique wearable, and I was thrilled when Kala dropped some review copies on me this week. There is also a version that cries bloody tears, for all the Vampire roll-players who might enjoy for some really dramatic flair. The tears come in male, female, and child avatar sized versions, and there are 2 attachment points for the female sized version so that you can wear your favorite lashes at the same time. For the Photo Shop phobics, like myself, it is a really great item to add some drama to your pictures. Give then a try if you want to add a little emotion to your Second Life. It's alright to cry, crying gets the sad out of you.

Shopping Details:
Tears - Material Squirrel, Real Tears by Kala Bijoux (Female AV Size - Chin)
Hair - ETD, Chel (Naturals I, Black)
Skin - -AnaLu-, *In Rainbows* NAT13 .brownish.
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Lashes - MMS, Thora Lashes (Now LeLutka)


Nikkita Auerbauch said...

Beautiful, but heartbreaking post. *hugs*

Madame said...

that was really beautiful.