Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Heart Of The Matter

Look Of The Day  [March 5/09] 1

Sorry for giving the appearance that I fell off the virtual map, I just had the worst case of Food Poisoning and/or Norwalk Virus, complete with several hospital visits, and am only now feeling like I have the energy to do anything productive with my time. Basically, I now have a rather fast heart rate, and they aren't sure why, but it seems to be normalizing on it's own now too. This "Look Of The Day" has been sitting in waiting since March 5th, and it's about time it got it's due attention. It is somewhat amusing that this look includes the adorable BareRose Key of Heart Bag in Red.

Look Of The Day  [March 5/09] 2

I love coats, particularly ones that make nice use of prim pieces and have some nice appropriately sized prints on them, like this AOHARU Red Check Short Trench Coat. I really love the collar and waist tie on this coat in particular, and the red plaid is really fresh and spring like. I paired it with a simple pair of black jeans from *AnnaH* (now .:Storin:.), this pair was part of the Heart of Love Limited Edition Laura set. The shoes here are a perfect matching red from Lya, the Sakura platform wedge pump was a gift from one of the Retrology event hunts, and are a really fantastic basic shoe. I loved the way the open collar of the coat looked with the [Armidi Gisaci] Gunmetal Niama Necklace, a great layered look adding a lot of impact at the throat. Other accessories include the adorable Kandy Kitty Mod Love Ring, and a simple ITF Dual Ball Brow Piercing.

Look Of The Day  [March 5/09] 3

This amazing wig is from Maitreya, the Piper II is soft fresh perfection, with a bobby pin tucked on one side, and it's smooth silky texture. It is a remarkable wig and looks particularly realistic. I have been wearing the -AnaLu- *InRainbows* skins almost exclusively since Ana dropped a review pack of them on me when she first released them. I love the soft lips, the lovely brow, it is a luminous and unique looking skin. The lashes are Thora from MMS, but might now be available at LeLutka, while the eyes are the amazing Miriel Hazel Eyes. A soft and sweet look, getting to the heart of the matter, which is that I have actually missed all my friends in the online community and blogging for you all very much.

~ Ketsy

Shopping Details:
Coat - AOHARU, BT_CheckShortTrenchCoat_Red
Jeans - *AnnaH* (Now .:Storin:.), from Laura HoL *Limited Edition* Set
Shoes - Lya, Sakura (Red)
Bag - :::B@R:::, Key Of Heart (Red, Hand)
Necklace - [Armidi Gisaci], Niama Necklace - Gunmetal
Ring - Kandy Kitty, Mod Love Ring
Brow - ITF, Brow Dual Ball [No Current Location Found]
Hair - Maitreya, Piper II - Blacks Pack (Pitch)
Skin - -AnaLu- *InRainbows* NAT13 .brownish.
Eyes - Miriel, Hazel Eyes (Big)
Lashes - MMS, Thora Lashes [No Current Location]


Nikkita Auerbauch said...

You look wonderful and it is so good to have you back!!!!

IndiaRose said...

I'm sorry to hear you have been so ill, glad you are feeling better! I love the look, it's gorgeous!

Madame said...

it looks goood , I am not coats fan , but this looks really good.