Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Turn My Camera On

Look Of The Day  [December 4/08] 1

Back on December 4th, 2008, when I took these photos, the feeds were all a buzz with this amazing .+*Fuka*+. hair and hat combination from Mirai Style. I decided to wait to make this post, knowing that in time, as with most things, eventually it would be less blogged and more interesting to people seeing it for the first time. And so I waited, and waited, and waited, and well, it is just not likely that love for this great wig is going to melt away before the snow does, so here I am. It is a great style, and the hat is just so sweet. It is scripted to not only give you several monotone colour options, but several patterned versions as well, and you can work it with so many cute looks. By now I think most people know where to find it, but if you have never been to Mirai Style to check out this and so many other great wigs, you really should take a trip.

Look Of The Day  [December 4/08] 2

I have been a fan of Pushbutton Skolnick's fashions for as long as I can remember, discovering PBI pretty early on into my virtual life. Her new brand of *Sprawl* is just a fabulous new incarnation of the type of grunge and hand painted styles that I have come to know and love. This Camera Shy Tee is a great basic top, but once again is so much more wearable because *Sprawl* offers clothing on all possible layers, including a tucked version. I am all for covered tummies in the winter time, and finding a long-sleeved tee that is not on Jacket layer but rather on a shirt and undies combo is like finding inventory gold when you want to layer up with a jacket. I really does sit at the top of my designer wish list, I love being able to play with layers. I tucked the too into a favorite pair of Cupcakes Side Button Jeans, a nice worn-in looking denim. One of the best parts of this look are the amazing AOHARU WALK Nostalgia Knit Boots in the Brown Bear version. The are simply adorable, look so cozy I want them on my RL feet, and just a great casual seasonal boot. I threw on a great basic Bucket Bag from (Shiny Things), a really nice bohemian touch, as well as a simple Chain Necklace with Woodstone Beads from Bonita's Jewelry, for a little more polish.

Look Of The Day  [December 4/08] 3

The skin is Celestial Studios Charmed Line, which remains a favorite almost 22 months after I first discovered them. I really am just such a fan of the eye-brows on this skin, as well as the fantastic eye and lip make-up selection, which is pretty extensive. This is Starley's older range, and her newer lines have more luminosity and realism, but I think I am just happy with the hand-painted look and they just fit with my personal aesthetic. I am kinda thrilled about the fact that I don't know anyone else that wears these skins on a regular basis, looking unique is something I am rather proud of. Love Lashes are from [Detour], and Glassy Mustard Green Eyes are from Freak Fantasia.

Shopping Details:
Shirt - *Sprawl*, Camera Shy Tee
Jeans - *Cupcakes, Side Button Jeans (Contrast)
Bag - (Shiny Things), Bucket Bag (Red)
Boots - AOHARU, AOHARU_WALK_Nostalgia Knit Boots_Brown Bear
Hat/Hair - Mirai Style, .+*Fuka*+. (Black)
Necklace - Bonita Popinjay, Chain Necklace w/ Woodstone Beads
Ring - Caroline's Jewelry, Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Skin - Celestial Studios, Charmed Line (Tone 20, Earth-3)
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes
Eyes - Freak Fantasia, Glassy Mustard Green Eyes

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