Thursday, January 8, 2009

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Look Of The Day  [December 12/08] 1

Colour inspires me, particularly certain combinations of colours. From my early school art classes, I remember that colour wheel, I remember that there are some colours which are complimentary, and then there are those that contrast. Yellow and purple are on opposite sides of the color wheel, therefore, they are supposed to clash. Lilyana Dryke of ::eLDee:: clearly knows these rules, and I love how she breaks them so spectacularly. For me, nothing makes a colour pop like putting it with a great contrast, and this Gold Viva dress from ::eLDee:: manages to make both the yellow and purple pop, while making a fun and girly statement. The Viva dress is a combination of puffy sculpted skirt, an interesting sheer neckline, a ribbon bow tied to the back, and a great floral print. But this is just one version of the dress which comes in at least half a dozen other great combinations, all lovely and interesting in their own way. I decided to run with the colour theme here and pull out all the purple and yellow I could, and creating a fun look that reminds me of an early 80s' music video diva.

Look Of The Day  [December 12/08] 2

I pulled in a favorite pair of tights from *Blaze, and was thrilled to rediscover a forgotten treasure in these brilliant (Shiny Things) Dare Pumps in Yellow. I could not have shopped for a more perfect pair of shoes for this look. I wanted to get a little punky, and decided that these Alpaca Knit Armwarmers from Argyle in a really well matched Purple were a great option. Wanting to go big on jewelry, I grabbed up the opportunity to wear these scripted M.R.M. Factory Color Wood Bangle *Trio* set, where each bangle is scripted to individually change coloured wood textures with a click, I found the yellow and purple selections matched really well. The double Beaded Necklace Set is from OPIUM Everyday, and the smaller strand set is tintable, making it a nice customizable accessory. The ring is from Luc Jewelry, another great simple accessory that has a scripted crystal that can be color changed on command.

Look Of The Day  [December 12/08] 3

Some of my favorite fun hair is from a little known shop called (JUNWAVE) that fellow blogger Ana Lutetia tipped me off to. This adorable ROCK GIRL wig was just one of the many I picked up on my first trip there, and the prices were so insanely low, I picked up most of the shop. Make sure you visit if you are a hair addict like myself. The skin is from Quelita Soon created by Rachele Delgado and available at bianca F. on the Velvet SIM. It is a really sweet faced skin, and I love the make-ups, really a fun look in this Disco 003 version. The eyes are some of Anju Enoch's latest releases from Petit Ange, some of the amazing colourful eyes she has available now. Love Lashes are from [Detour].

Shopping Details:
Dress - ::eLDee::, Viva (Gold)
Tights - Blaze*, Pantyhose/Tights Bundle (Purple)
Arm Warmers - Argyle, Alpaca Knit Armwarmers (Cool Pack, Purple)
Shoes - (Shiny Things), Dare Pumps (Yellow)
Bangles - M.R.M., Color Wood Bangle *Trio*
Necklace - OPIUM Everyday, Beaded Necklace Set
Ring - -EARTHTONES- (Now Luc Jewelry), Solitaire Ring (Multi/Silver)
Skin - QS Skin, Milk - Disco 03
Eyes - Petit Ange *an*, cleareyes_ddark_Topaz_Bright
Lashes - [Detour], Love Lashes


caLLie cLine said...

hehe just wanted to tell you colors opposite on the color wheel dont clash but "compliment" each other, that's why they are called complementary colors.


equal amounts of them make brown :)

anyway i could go on and on, but just thought i'd let you know her design is so eye catching colorwise cuz she's using color combos that do that! :)

you look adorable btw

xoxo, caLLie

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

and that's what happens when you are so far out of high school that your mind turns to mush! Thank goodness I went with nursing! *lol*

TY Callie Hun! *hugs* :)

~ Ketsy