Sunday, January 4, 2009

Arabian Nights

Look Of The Day [November 23/08] 1

I don't wear silks often, really they are just reserved for the events at PIN UPS, but I have to say that finding modest silks is a real challenge. They are not meant to cover very much, I realize this of course. I see so many sets of silks where they are all prim parts, and nothing is left to the imagination once someone starts dancing. It makes finding silks a whole challenge for me, because I want the coverage, for me it is a chance to dress up, not show off the goods. I have found a couple of great silks designers that are conscious of the fact that some women are looking for coverage, and I think that Solange/The Silk Raven is one of those places. I have many sets of silks from *TSR*, and they are relatively up there in price range, but the colour options, quality, and variations in each costume are well worth it.

Look Of The Day [November 23/08] 4

One of my favorite sets is this amazing Kadin set by *TSR*. The Blue and Silver version was my choice, but it comes in a dozen great colours and has a gold accented version as well. All these looks come from the same purchase. It comes with a system top, a full pant or thong type bottom layer that actually covers your bits, and then 4 different 'skirt' styles. The four include the short and long hip scarf options, as well as the short and long prim skirts. The vest is optional, but the work on it is exceptional, I just love the look of the back of it, the texture is exceptional, and the seems line up so well, you really do get what you pay for in this set. It also includes the lovely face veil and the beaded circlet on the forehead. Really very sexy, and still covering me enough that I feel comfortable wearing them to an event at the club.

Look Of The Day [November 23/08] 3

I opted to layer on the Jewelry here, going for the lavish harem girl look full throttle, and went with this adorable Pure Butterfly Bellyring and Necklace from Caithlin Carter Designs. The fine prim work is really well done, and they are lovely feminine pieces. Ephemeral Creations Jangle Bangles in Steel stacked up nicely on my wrists, some great thin stacks of bangles and they also come in so many great colour options. I pulled on some stunning rings, the Catherine Black Pearl Cocktail Ring in Platinum from ~Muse~ is a particular favorite, I am a sucker for dark Tahitian pearls in RL as well. Also wearing my Caroline's Jewelry Gimcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring.

Look Of The Day [November 23/08] 2

This Tiana wig is one of Elika's newer releases from ETD, simply lovely and soft and feminine, I think it has to be one of my favorites. I thought it worked really well with the veil here, really a great romantic look. I played up my eyes, opting for [Detour]'s Delta Eyes in Blue which seem stunning here. The skin is a lovely Megan Skin from [Rockberry].

Just my take on how to do silks for the modest girls among us. I love to play dress up, and finding ways to bring fantasy looks like this into my wardrobe is what I love best about my virtual life. I think it can be said that the vest from this top would look stunning over a black blouse, and I can see it working in other looks as well, which is always a plus when you invest in one outfit as costume specific as most silks are.

Shopping Details:
Silks Costume - *TSR* Kadin in Blue/Silver
Jewelry Set - CCD (Caithlin Carter Designs), Pure - Butterfly (Bellyring, Necklace)
Bangles - Ephemeral Creations, Jangle Bangle (Steel)
Ring - Caroline's Jewelry, GImcrack Diamond Solitaire Ring
Ring - ~Muse~, Catherine Black Pearl Cocktail Ring, Platinum
Hair - ETD, Tiana (Black)
Skin - [RockBerry], Megan C Natural
Eyes - [Detour], Delta Eyes (Blue)


Anonymous said...

Wow you really do review things! Great job. I love the Kadin sets. I have the red/gold with the jewelry sets and the curly toe shoes too.

Great job with these reviews on this blog. Keep up the good work!

Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

TY Ann :)
I don't really consider myself a review blogger, but when I love something, I really give it it's due credit.
Glad you enjoyed the post. Now you have me wanting the shoes!
~ Ketsy

Mallory said...

I am thoroughly impressed. I was searching for a good look for a character I'm creating (who has the look of an Arabian harem girl) and this is exactly the inspiration I need. Thank you!