Friday, April 18, 2014

Silly Beans!

Well, I went, I looked, I found... heaps of fun at the 'Magic of OZ' Easter Egg Hunt. I spent a lot of time collecting eggs so I could show you all of the awesome stuff that can be won from the prize options from each vendor, and I plan to go back and get more eggs just as soon as I can. Yesterday(-ish) I told you all about how the hunt works [HERE]. Today it is all about the goodies! You can also check out the Ozimals Blog for more information.

Silly Beans - NEW Blog Post @ Second Life Fashion Addict

Lets start off with this amazingly sweet Cheeky Bunny Dress from *katat0nik*. Each time you redeem a stack of eggs at *katat0nik*, you will receive one of three color versions of this dress. It comes in a Black version, a Brown version, and a Sky Blue look too. All are amazing and well worth the effort of finding just 6 little eggs.  On my wrists you can see some adorable bangles from +Half-Deer+, I believe there are two versions, one is called Bunny, the other is Pysanka, and they come with both wrist versions in the box. 

Silly Beans - NEW Blog Post @ Second Life Fashion Addict

All the cracked eggs you see are prizes from Schadenfreude, each a version of Burd's Breakfast. So far I have found three versions, but I believe there are possibly more. You can re-size them and decorate your little nest for Easter too. The little Burds are gifts from ~Silent Sparrow~, they come in sets of two, and there are three sets to collect. Again, you can treasure them or display them, re-size them as you like. The two cushions, pink and blue, and the blanket and pillow set are from Pixel Mode. All have poses in them and are great for a picnic in the park or around the house.

Silly Beans - NEW Blog Post @ Second Life Fashion Addict

Around my feet you may have noticed a number of bouncy little Bunnies. These are the famous Ozimals Bunnies, and I have found two types so far, Magic and Faith, and they can hatch into lop, half-lop, or regular eared versions of these special Russian Egg printed versions.  They sure can jump, it was like herding marbles in my studio box to get them into the pictures. What is wonderful is that you can get not just the bunnies as prizes, but things they need too. This is the same for the Ozimal Pufflings, a sort of bird like animal, also in the hunt.  You can get love potions, food, treats, totems, potions and other necessities for breeding these little sweeties. So what are you waiting for -- get hunting!

Taxi To Starting Point & Munchkin Land!

[Also available, but not shown here, are three special Bunny Nosed Skins, for Men and Women, from Fallen Gods Inc. All lovely and worth the hunt time.]

Hair - TRUTH HAIR, Maisy w/ Maisy Buns (Reds)
Skin - *League* Jen Sunkiss Lavender (Cleavage D) Hairbase
Eyes - IKON, Ascension Eyes - Blue (L)
Hands - Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1 R & Flat L
Feet - Slink, Avatar Enhancement Feet - High Height
[Note: Above Textured With Slink Advanced HUD from *League* ]
Nails - Alyce - Slink Finger Nail Polish - French
Lashes - MMS, Thora Lashes [No Longer Available]

Shoes - [L.Warwick] Miranda -High Platform Wedge -  Ruby, Orange, Pearl from FATPACK
Dress - *katat0nik* (Black, Brown, Sky) Cheeky Bunny Dress [Current Ozimals Hunt Prize Only]
Bracelets - +Half-Deer+ Painted Rustic Bangle (Bunny) and (Pysanka) [Current Ozimals Hunt Prize Only]

Poses - 
Diesel Works, Dizzy Moves Set
AnyPose Expression HUD [Free On Marketplace or Inworld @Phate Sheppard Creations]

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