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The Skinny On Skin Fair 2014 - Part 1

I am a Skin loyalist. Once I find the one that looks the most 'me', I stick with it like white on rice. I may get lots of make-up versions, even several skin-tones, but always the same basic skin type. I have been wearing my *League* Jen skins since 2012, when I made a brief reappearance in SL and my sister Anessa got me sorted with a more updated look. But it's been a few years, and I though that I would take a walk on the wild side. Well, wild for me is changing something so integral to my Avatar's identity, such as my skin, so here we go.

The Skinny (Ketsy)

I wanted to set up a few rules for my DEMO sampling, so here they are; Only DEMO skins. Choose realistic style skins (these are my favorites for everyday wear). Select only Skin Fair 2014 Exclusives. Try on skins I would normally be interested is testing in any case. Buy only $0L dollar DEMOs. Use my existing shape and brow settings, no editing for this DEMO test. Exclude any with too many security markings that obscure the facial details extensively. Showcase those that I see as having positive attributes for my shape as ONES TO WATCH. So here are the skins that caught my attention, and will catch yours to be sure.

The Skinny 1

This first set of skins had some of the things I do look for in a skin. I love the hair base on the *YS&YS* skin, the Widow's peak is so sexy. The Bite & Claw skin has a beautifully shaped lip, that full pout that makes me swoon over a skin.  Dulce Secrets has a lovely blushed cheek, right on the apple of the cheek where it looks most natural.  I like the nose and that 'angel kiss' cleft below it on the JOLI skin, it's not too dark, which can make a skin look aged.

The Skinny 2

The Modish skin has a lovely lip as well, and I love that tiny bit of shine in the inner eye crease, it really opens up the face, the brow arch is also amazing. Now the [iren] skin was a complete surprise to me, I kinda love it, even though it looks nothing like the 'me' I identify with. It is a very sweet skin and I would love to blog with it on occasion. AKERUKA's new Alice skins have a super glossy lip that seems to beg for kisses, and the blush is lovely as well. When I first got my hands on this Clef de Peau I was a little perplexed with all the options and layers, but it is a really nice skin for custom touches, like adding on the blush and the brow colors of your choice, it makes it great for bloggers who may switch up hair colors often.

The Skinny 3

This Apple May skin is a really pretty tone, and the highlight on the brow bone is particularly nice. .::WOW Skins::. is introducing this new Luna line, and I have to say, it fits my existing shape very nicely. It is a tempting switch, there is so much to love about it, but I needed to see more, it just wasn't an instant 'Yes', and you sort of know when you have found 'The Skin'. A lovely nose and smack-a-licious lips make the Lamae Una skin a contender too, but the eye shape wasn't quite a perfect fit for me, I would have had to do a lot of shape mods, which I loathe to do. The Alize skin from Mimi's Skins is so pretty, so open faced and fresh, almost too fresh for my age, I think it look so young, but gosh I do love that upper lip shape.

The Skinny 4

MOJO, another new-to-me skinner, makes this lovely SUZANNE skin, it has a sweet bulb tipped nose, like a little tulip, and the forehead shine is a pretty detail. RazzaNova's new Jacquie skin is such a pretty shade, and I love the shadow around the eyes, the nose shape and the high cheek-boned look is very high fashion. When I tried on this Zoul Creations DEMO, I was floored, it has such a lovely brow shape, and the eyes are a perfect almond shape too. This is not an easy decision by any means, but it may help you to see what details you need to pay attention to when you shop for skin depending on what look you are going for. The Aina skin from *Glance is a very lovely skin too, the brows are particularly lovely, so detailed you can actually see those individual little hairs, and they aren't too perfect to look fake, which is a really big factor when I look at brows. 

The Skinny 5

The Morphine Ghail skin has a lovely smoked out eyeliner, the highlight on the brow bone is also great, but the brow itself didn't work with my settings. I rarely choose a sun-kissed option, since I have a naturally pale complexion in real life, but the tones in the :: Nar Mattaru :: are lovely, unfortunately on my shape this one looked a little flat, so it wasn't my eventually choice. For a skin with lots of unique features, this one from [the Skinnery] seems to have them in plenty. This new Quiana skin is so interesting, I just know it is going to be breaking hearts all over the grid. I couldn't resist trying on a few out of character skins by Egozy, the first is this lovely Anjali, so much depth in that stunning face, it really is an exceptional beauty.

The Skinny 6

Another Egozy beauty is this Mendoza skin, just look at that lovely golden complexion, it is spectacular, and those brows are perfectly arched on my shape. Had I not any history in SL, and never bought a skin before, I think that FAKE's ::Be Skin:: might have been a first love. It looks so incredibly... real, very high fashion and somehow delicate and exotic too.  But after 7 years in SL, I just don't know if I can make that much of a change, I would be barely recognizable, although stunning at the same time.  Lara Hurley's offering at this skin fair is this pretty Ivy skin, shown in the Pale tone, again, such a lovely skin with lots of options for make-up, nose, and even eyebrows, this is a winner winner chicken dinner of a skin. The Inari line from Tokyo.Girl is also a new-to-me find, but again I find that I look like a teenager in this skin, which is something most people likely want, it just wasn't the right fit for me this time.

The Skinny 7

I love a sexy little mole on that upper lip, and the Esode Laura skin has on on a tattoo layer that is perfectly placed. Details like that really can make the difference for many skin shoppers.  A name I recognized, ::Envyme:: debuts it's Antonella Series at the Skin Fair, and there is a lot to love here, the make-up is particularly pleasing.  Next up is a real eye-opener, in that Chloe has a doe-eyed look that is enchanting, FILTY is a new-to-me skinner, but such a pretty offering is sure to turn mesh heads. Nose perfection can be found at [okkbye], with it's new Marina line. This is a stunner of a skin, so fresh and dewy looking, I have to admit, the more I look the more I love.

The Skinny 8

[Rockberry] was one of the first skin makers to ever send me blogger samples, and I remember them fondly. I always did love those make-up options, and it's nice to see that this new Skin Fair Exclusive Mira Skin is another with those famous [Rockberry] features. I can count on one hand the number of skinners that I was familiar with before my 4 year hiatus from SL, now that I am back, I am like a kid in a Cnady Store when it comes to discoveries. DeeTaleZ makes some of my favorite mesh clothing, and I had to try on this new Soraya skin for kicks. Again, a lovely lip shape, and the nose and cheekbones are lovely too, something in the eyes throws me off, but this look will fit so many chic avatars on the prowl.  The Elysium Taylor skin is a lovely skin, and sure to big a huge hit, but the eye crease isn't meant to be worn on my shape, so it had to fall to the One To Watch list. Finally, I wanted to end with a skin that I see as having really amazing features, but fails to look right on my own shape. With major tweaks, I could have fallen for this ryuukou skin, but I didn't want to change my shape, don't let this image deter you, it is a really unique skin I know will be all over the feeds soon.

Skin Fair 2014
March 14th-30th

Your TAXI to the 2014 Skin Fair:

Dear Skin Makers
Please, don't mark up your lovely skins in giant black stripes that obscure the details that count, at least not on both sides of the face. I can't fall in love with what I can't see.  Do put a logo or test somewhere on the skin, it helps those on a lagged out SIM know that the skin has fully baked in.  Don't be afraid to add a note in the folder of skins that can explain how the tattoo layers are meant to be worn, not everyone knows this information. If you use abbreviations in the names of the skins, give us a code so we can determine what we are trying on, time is limited and we want to try on the right skin the first time if possible. Keep evolving and trying new things, everyone wants to look unique, and your work matters to so many. Skins are a huge investment, and we invest a lot of time and money in selecting them. Thank you for making our Second Lives more beautiful.

PS. Big Thanks To Voshie & All The Skin Fair Content Creators and Sponsors For Doing Such A Fantastic Job!

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