Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vain Inc. Magazine Issue 23 - Now Available!

The July 2009 Issue of Vain Inc. Magazine hit the stands yesterday, and it has to be one of the best efforts as of yet. Yours' truly was beyond flattered when Editor-in-chief, and all around super-woman, Toko Voom asked me to pose for the cover. What does one wear on a cover of a magazine that sums up one's personal style and still makes for a compelling image. I settled on a great sexy top from Bare@Rose Tokyo, a skirt from Maitreya, and Jewelry by Paper Couture, ~*Fresh Baked Goods*~, and (Caroline's) Jewelry. Hair is by Aden, skin by *REDGRAVE*, eyes by Miriel, and lashes from [Detour]. I simply love how soft and romantic the picture is, and I think it really captures my spirit. Thanks Toko!

Vain Inc. Magazine - Issue 23 (July 2009)

Read The Issue HERE!

And check out my "Look of the Month: The Jilted Bride". A stunning modern bridal look, shot on location in Emvee Cuba.

Vain Inc. Magazine - Look Of The Month (Issue 23, July 2009)

The above image was meant to be part of the article, but got lost in transition. It is my favorite shot of the month, but by no means the most compelling. Find my "Look" on pages 104-123 of this months issue.

~ Ketsy

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