Monday, June 8, 2009

New Sensation [Ivalde/L'Abel Day Post 4/4]

~~Ivalde~~ & -L’Abel- Blogging Challenge Day [June 8/09] 3

So now we get to my final post in this four post series, the one that absolutely tickles me with fashionista joy. Several months ago, after rebuilding the Ivalde SIM, Neferia debuted her new line of original creations, cleverly named -L'Abel-. It is a modern hand-drawn, hand made textured line of clothing including dress casual and some almost couture style creations. The looks are innovative, the colors modern, and the feel is something so completely different and unexpected. This is the -L'Abel- Aline Gold Dress, a wonderful symphony of sculpted, alpha and system elements. It is utterly feminine, yet has an edgy side to it, it looks timeless, because it is of this time. It comes complete with matching gloves, and is one of my many favorites under Neferia's new label. I have seen many others choose this dress for today's blogger challenge, and it looks pretty fabulous on everyone, no matter the size or shape of their avatar. That is a true testament to Nef's skill.

~~Ivalde~~ & -L’Abel- Blogging Challenge Day [June 8/09] 4

I opted to wear some amazing *REDGRAVE* shoes, that matched the look particularly well, and am holding a Muism clutch. The earrings and ring are both from (Shiny Things), and the bracelet is created by Eyva Matova but I couldn't quite remember how or when I received it. Hair is from Diversity Hair, and the skin is *REDGRAVE*. I really enjoyed putting this look together, as it just seemed to all flow organically out of my scattered inventory into a cohesive look.

I know many are sad that we will be without our dear Neferia for at least a months time, but I am thrilled to say that with the help of many friends, we managed to get Nef to agree to leave a small in-world presence in her stunning new Art Deco style shop on Retrology, where her most recent -L'Abel- collection is available, as well as many of her fabulous modern and vintage ~~Ivalde~~ looks. My wish for Nef is the same thing I wish for all my dear friends, to be healthy, happy, and grounded, whatever that means for the individual. I know Nef's mind will be positively spinning with new ideas when she returns to SL, and I know she will return when she is ready. For now, I will treasure my favorite designs from all the creators I adore, and not for one second forget that RL often can change so quickly, that our second lives become the first casualties of difficult times. If you have a favorite designer, be they well known, or obscure, I urge you to stop for a moment the next time you are in-world, make a quick note card expressing your appreciation for their work, and thanking them for beinging something special into our Second Life.

Shopping Details:
Dress - -L'Abel-, Aline Gold Dress
Shoes - *REDGRAVE*, Feather Heels - Black
Bag - Muism, Clutch, Black Velour (Left Hand)
Ring - (Shiny Things), Florina Ring - Gold
Earrings - (Shiny Things), Pyre Cascade Earring - Gold
Bracelet - Eyva Matova, Ammali Right Onyx [No Location Found]
Hair - Diversity Hair, Dare Blacks, Black
Skin - *REDGRAVE*, 08 Emma2 Tan Skin/ *Oldrose
Eyes - Miriel, Standard Eyes - Sunlit Tree
Lashes - MMS (Now LeLutka), Thora Lashes

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