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FFL - Catch A Falling Star

Wanderlust - Fashion For Life 2014, Relay For Life SL - Preview Today, Runs June 7th - 20th/2014

Catch A Falling Star - FFL

Catch A Falling Star - FFL

Everyone has their own reasons for supporting a charity like the American Cancer Society, which is where the monies collected from the Fashion For Life Event are directed. I could tell you about family members, or patients I have cared for in my nursing practice, there are very few people who have had the good fortune to not know a single person fighting the battle against this often deadly opponent. But yesterday, the reason I am supporting Fashion For Life (FFL) this year in particular became crystal clear. 

While I was away from Second Life for almost four year, I missed a lot of wonderful things. But as it turns out, I also missed something that broke my heart. Squinternet Larnia, one of my acquaintances and a merchant on my former SIM Retrology, left this life to move on to take her place among the stars. She had been battling cancer, and had been struggling with extensive palliative care costs, when her dear friends in SL organized a fundraiser to try to help her.  I missed all that, I was away and did not know. Yesterday, when I reached the MIAMAI shop, I noticed some Donna Flora designs, and read the signs beside the lovely dresses there. I was completely crushed when I read about Squinternet, or 'Squint' as her friends call her. I cried for the longest time, because it suddenly hit me. How fragile and precious life is, how people can pass on to whatever comes next without us even knowing, and how the connections one can make in a virtual world can outlive those who leave this world behind. 

Catch A Falling Star - FFL

Be at peace dear Squint. You were a generous, kind, sweet, and caring person, and you are missed by so many. Your talents live on in the work you did, the items I still treasure in my inventory. Your spirit lives on in the hearts of all who had the pleasure and joy of knowing you, even just a little bit.  I dedicate this year's posts for FFL on my blog to the memory of someone I did not know well, but knew well enough to know her loss was as senseless and shattering as the loss of anyone to the disease we call Cancer. And that is why we need to support the causes that matter to us, we can help the research along to assist in the search for a cure, not just for those we love, but for those who have so much to offer our world if only given the chance to live.

This dress, Noemi, was one of the last works that Squinternet Larnia collaborated on with her dear friend Monica Outlander.  It is so stunning, I would have bought it no matter who had made it, but knowing it was part of Squint's final work in SL makes it so much more precious. You can only find this item at Fashion For Life. It's price is a 100% donation to the Relay For Life of Second Life charity. It comes in several colors, but this Silver version struck me as the perfect way to celebrate Squint's work. She was a star, and I have been able to capture just a little bit more of her loveliness with this treasure.

Heels - ieQED Rose.Sandal.Copper [Free Gift w/ Subscribe Join]
Bag - PP - Diamonds Apple Clutch - Colored - Right Hand
Gown - Donna Flora_Noemi Silver **New@Fashion For Life, Exclusive** [See Above]
Earrings - [ glow ] studio - Vega Earrings (sun splash/gold)
Necklace - [ glow ] studio - Vega Necklace (sun splash/gold)

Hair - .:EMO-tions:. *LOVE* w/ HAIRBASE 10 - straight intensive red **Fashion For Life Donation Vendor**
Skin - *League* Jen Pale ChinaDoll (Cleavage D)
Facelight - *League* Windlight Facelight Softer
Eyes - [Buzz] Ardent Eyes - Umber
Lashes - MMS - Thora Lashes [No Longer Available]
Hands - Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1 R & Flat L
Feet - Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) XS - High Height
[Note: Above Textured With Slink Advanced HUD from *League*]
Nails - Hello Dave - Slink AvEnhance - High Gloss Mixed 3

Poses -
Purple Poses, Sandra Set in
Tillie's Posing Studio V 5.0 - Standalone HUD
Avatar Eye Control - 
AnyPose Expression HUD [Free On Marketplace or Inworld @Phate Sheppard Creations]
Location -
****JAPAN TEMPURA ISLAND ***, tempura island (149, 60, 33) - Moderate

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