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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Everybody Hurts.

Look Of The Day  [Mar. 17/10] 1

I am having a rough couple of, well, lets just say a rough time of it and sometimes it just seems that there is no light at the end of that tunnel. We have all been there to some degree, whether it is a fleeting moment of sadness, or full scale clinical depression, everybody hurts sometime. Some people seem to have a natural resilience to it, while others seem to utterly falter. Then there are those of us who have been fighting for so long, that the battle wears us down like shelter in a storm. We are strong at first, but eventually, the rain and winds wear us down, so there is just less and less of us there to keep it all together. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to keep it together, you just find yourself exposed and raw, fragile and overly sensitive to the world in general. This is where I find myself living lately, in that battered and broken place that has me hurting beyond hurt, and not sure if I can recover.

Look Of The Day  [Mar. 17/10] 2

I didn't think I would be blogging again, certainly not in this mood, but I wanted to change my look in-world to show how I feel; the fragile and the broken, the worn and the weary. I started with a pair of distressed jeans from **[Riddle]**, and decided to see what my dear friend Neferia Abel of -L'Abel-had sent me of her new releases. This lovely Malin shirt, with it's fragile chiffon cuffs just worked for me. It is lovely, and I love to see Nef doing separates. I chose a pair of well worn and reworked boots from *REDGRAVE*, the absolutely brilliant Girls' Bikers have been overhauled to be even more perfect, as if that were possible. I adore that each boot is different, the worn twisted and well loved leather like a shield. The fragile and perfect KessKreations Karen Earrings are so lovely here, the customization script allowed me to match them to my look, and the fine prim work, which is not normally my 'cup of tea' is too precious and precise to be ignored. The ring is Paper Couture's Diamond and Rose Bouquet Ring. The final addition, was the handbag. I didn't have one I wanted to use, but I knew I hadn't been to Bare Rose Tokyo for ages, and know they have the most brilliant and inexpensive bags, so I popped on over and was in love on first sight with the Daisuki Bag, here in Brown. For a mere $140 LaLas, I was set, with a great bag, fabulous flexi and sculpted details, and 3 hold options.

Look Of The Day  [Mar. 17/10] 3

I knew I wanted to return to this absolutely stunning T U L I Kalista crying skin, since I have been crying endlessly for days. It is flawless, and the non-crying versions are next in line once I save up my pennies, as they are lovely and have so many make-up options. I wanted a hair style that felt like it was sheltering me from the elements, that I could hide behind, but was still chic and precious. *Pazazz Hair* offers this stunning Riha wig in a brilliant choice of shades, this is from a solids pack. Lashes are from LeLeutka, and eyes are my precious treasured Miriel gems, that are unfortunately no longer available for sale.

Shopping Details:
Top - -L'Abel-, Malin Shirt, Antik
Jeans - **[Riddle]**, Classic Dirty, Plain
Earrings - KessKreations, Karen Earrings (Scripted to Zirconium, White Pearl, Champagne Gems)
Ring - Paper Couture, Diamond and Rose Bouquet Ring (Worn on R Hand)
Boots - [*RG*] *REDGRAVE*, Girls' Bikers RELOADED Smoke+Bronze
Bag - :::B@R:::, Daisuki (Brown, L Hand)
Hair - *Pazazz Hair*, Riha - Coal
Skin - T U L I, Kalista Fair 21
Eyes - Miriel, Standard Eyes - Sunlit Tree [No Longer Available]
Lashes - LeLutka (was MMS), Thora Lashes

Note: All Pictures Are Direct Screen Captures With No Post Editing, No Shading or Blending. They Are Taking On A Flat Prim Background With The Sun As The Only Light Source. Poses Are By The Amazing Pose Makers of SL, I Have Over 1200 So I Credit Them All Here. ~ Ketsy

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One Last Post... For Today Anyways!

What’s In My Closet - The Look Of Ivalde! [1]

As a final nod to ~~Ivalde~~ & -L'Abel- Appreciation Day, I wanted to re-post some images that I originally blogged in December 2007. At that time, my wardrobe was chock full of ~~Embla~~, ~~Ask~~, and ~~Ivalde~~ content. I created a series of collages, showing off all of my "Look Of Ivalde". They are my most viewed images on Flickr, with over 6,500 views each, and if you click the image, you will see the full outfit credits too. Just a small peek at the many faces of ~~Ivalde~~, and the reason I named my blog Second Life Fashion Addict. There are eight collages in total. And they are so popular, they still register up to 20 looks a day on my Flickr stream. Even Linden Labs felt they were able to use them without asking in their e-mail ads pimping out the new XStreet SL acquisition. Enjoy!

What’s In My Closet - The Look Of Ivalde! [2]

What’s In My Closet - The Look Of Ivalde! [3]

What’s In My Closet - The Look Of Ivalde! [4]

What’s In My Closet - The Look Of Ivalde! [5]

What’s In My Closet - The Look Of Ivalde! [6]

What’s In My Closet - The Look Of Ivalde! [7]

What’s In My Closet - The Look Of Ivalde! [8]

~ Ketsy

~~Ivalde~~ & -L'Abel- Appreciation Day - Thank You Bloggers!

I wanted to say thank you to each and every blogger, blog feed site administrator, and blog reader for their participation in ~~Ivalde~~ & -L'Abel- Appreciation Day.

It has been an amazing day, reading through the over 45 posts dedicated to Neferia Abel's work and person, and I know that when Nef gets her internet connection back, and looks at all the love and appreciation, the kind words and memories, she will be overcome with emotion. Nef has always kept a low profile, and seems to almost doubt her own skill in the most charming way, so your words and comments, your collective effort in participating in this meme, will really astonish her.

You can read though the amazing posts, and see all the participants names in the Blog Participants List. The list will continue to grow as I discover other posts on the various feeds, or if I am sent the links. I hope when you stumble across a look you adore, you leave a comment for the blogger in question. Sometimes we have our looks done weeks ahead of time, so preparing for a meme like this in just a few days meant a lot of people working diligently on very short notice.

Thanks again to each and every one of you for making today happen, your efforts are appreciated more then you can imagine.

~ Ketsy

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Sensation [Ivalde/L'Abel Day Post 4/4]

~~Ivalde~~ & -L’Abel- Blogging Challenge Day [June 8/09] 3

So now we get to my final post in this four post series, the one that absolutely tickles me with fashionista joy. Several months ago, after rebuilding the Ivalde SIM, Neferia debuted her new line of original creations, cleverly named -L'Abel-. It is a modern hand-drawn, hand made textured line of clothing including dress casual and some almost couture style creations. The looks are innovative, the colors modern, and the feel is something so completely different and unexpected. This is the -L'Abel- Aline Gold Dress, a wonderful symphony of sculpted, alpha and system elements. It is utterly feminine, yet has an edgy side to it, it looks timeless, because it is of this time. It comes complete with matching gloves, and is one of my many favorites under Neferia's new label. I have seen many others choose this dress for today's blogger challenge, and it looks pretty fabulous on everyone, no matter the size or shape of their avatar. That is a true testament to Nef's skill.

~~Ivalde~~ & -L’Abel- Blogging Challenge Day [June 8/09] 4

I opted to wear some amazing *REDGRAVE* shoes, that matched the look particularly well, and am holding a Muism clutch. The earrings and ring are both from (Shiny Things), and the bracelet is created by Eyva Matova but I couldn't quite remember how or when I received it. Hair is from Diversity Hair, and the skin is *REDGRAVE*. I really enjoyed putting this look together, as it just seemed to all flow organically out of my scattered inventory into a cohesive look.

I know many are sad that we will be without our dear Neferia for at least a months time, but I am thrilled to say that with the help of many friends, we managed to get Nef to agree to leave a small in-world presence in her stunning new Art Deco style shop on Retrology, where her most recent -L'Abel- collection is available, as well as many of her fabulous modern and vintage ~~Ivalde~~ looks. My wish for Nef is the same thing I wish for all my dear friends, to be healthy, happy, and grounded, whatever that means for the individual. I know Nef's mind will be positively spinning with new ideas when she returns to SL, and I know she will return when she is ready. For now, I will treasure my favorite designs from all the creators I adore, and not for one second forget that RL often can change so quickly, that our second lives become the first casualties of difficult times. If you have a favorite designer, be they well known, or obscure, I urge you to stop for a moment the next time you are in-world, make a quick note card expressing your appreciation for their work, and thanking them for beinging something special into our Second Life.

Shopping Details:
Dress - -L'Abel-, Aline Gold Dress
Shoes - *REDGRAVE*, Feather Heels - Black
Bag - Muism, Clutch, Black Velour (Left Hand)
Ring - (Shiny Things), Florina Ring - Gold
Earrings - (Shiny Things), Pyre Cascade Earring - Gold
Bracelet - Eyva Matova, Ammali Right Onyx [No Location Found]
Hair - Diversity Hair, Dare Blacks, Black
Skin - *REDGRAVE*, 08 Emma2 Tan Skin/ *Oldrose
Eyes - Miriel, Standard Eyes - Sunlit Tree
Lashes - MMS (Now LeLutka), Thora Lashes